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There have been many questions about how the newly rebranded Star Wars movies will include the various branches of the saga that are currently playing out in the comics, novels, videogames, and television shows, such as Star Wars Rebels. There are not many answers to those questions quite yet, however we may have just gotten another piece to the puzzle.

Star Wars: Rogue One is out in 2016
Star Wars: Rogue One is out in 2016

A report surfaced this morning from iKwiz and That HashTag Show, explaining that costume fittings are currently underway for Star Wars: Rogue One, for the role of Shadow Troopers. For those who may not be familiar with the Expanded Universe of Star Wars, Shadow Troopers are an elite special ops unit. If the white stormtroopers from the previous films are the Army's foot soldiers. Shadow Troopers are the Navy Seal of the Star Wars universe. Complete with advanced training and technology, such as personal cloaking devices and more.


Shadow Troopers originated in the Expanded Universe, which is no longer canon for the film series. So director Gareth Edwards and the writing team, will be able to shape the special ops unit however serves the story the best. This report also lines up with Devin Faraci's recent scoop at BMD, where he claims that Darth Vader will make a small appearance in Rogue One, via hologram or video screen. This will be the first full-scale war film for the Star Wars franchise and there will be no major character that is a Jedi or Sith in the movie. So it makes sense to find a band of adversaries, who are skilled enough to match up against the resistance fighters who will be attempting the biggest heist in the galaxy. Check out the full scoop below.

Official Synopsis:

A rogue band of resistance fighters unite to steal the Death Star plans and bring new hope to the galaxy.

Star Wars: Rogue One opens on December 16th, 2016.

Source: That HashTag Show


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