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It's the year 2134, and the world had change dramatically. We now live in a world full of fear and greed, the only thing you can do is survive... You have to deal with bandits and outlaws and face the post-apocalyptic world while searching for food, water, shelter... and a bad-ass team..?

Stay alive. Stay safe. SURVIVE.

Let me introduce you to my team...



We're dealing with bandits who only think about themselves, their only goal is to kill us, get our stuff and go on their merry way. The Hulk is our best defense and offense. The Hulk heals pretty fast so he can take all the damage like nothing happened and he has quite a strong punch, don't you think? Then when the 'other guy' is supressed, we have the intelligence of Bruce Banner, a brilliant scientist. We have the perfect package. The Hulk, a monster, is literally a 'shield and a sword.' He is a freakin' tank!



In this world, we need a medic, a support, and Baymax is the perfect choice! He is very loyal and trust-worthy. He is equipped with sensors able to detect and evaluate the threat posed by any living thing and has a wide-range scanner to help us with directions, he can even fly and do surveillance for the team when searching for a place or when we're hunting for food. He can scan a place from far away and can identify it if it's safe or dangerous. He is a map, and he's basically a walking radar! He can also detect any injuries my team is suffering. This adorable robot keeps us healthy! And his data analysis and surveillance is very useful for the team.



We have The Hulk and Baymax, both of them can only defend and attack from short/melee range, except if The Hulk goes on a rampage and destroys everything, so, we have Aang, an avatar who can bend water, air, fire, and earth. His weapon is literally himself and his surroundings. He is our main damage dealer from incoming bandits and outlaws. He is not in my team just to be a badass and kick some bandit butt, he can make my team a shelter, he only needs to bend the earth and BOOM! a house for the team in a matter of seconds. Aang can bend bend water vapors around us and turn it into water! And if you're wondering how will Baymax live in a world without electricity, he can't recharge, that's why I have Aang, he has the ability to bend lightning/electricity, he can charge up Baymax! He can also give The Hulk an upgrade by covering him with rocks or something, and you thought the Hulk couldn't get any scarier than he is right now.

I chose these characters for my team because of what they can do on their own and because they can benefit a lot from one another. In this world, having something to protect yourself with is important, but with this team, I don't need to find an item and make it a weapon, the team itself is a weapon. So, The Hulk is our muscle. Baymax is our map, radar, and medic. Aang is our warrior. Each member of the team has the means to survive, and together we are stronger. This team isn't just a weapon, this team is the ultimate survival team.


Do you want to join the team?


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