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Last month, we discovered that there was a new Batman in town. His name is James Gordon and he is the newest man to become the Dark Knight. But, as we learned in the comics, it's a learning curve. In some adventures,he succeeded and in others he failed. He had little respect given to him by the other heroes of the DC universe.Many cops of Gotham wanted to see him gone. But, as we learned this issue he has no plans of going anyplace and he will earn the respect that he deserves.

Batman has a new face now.A world where he can go around in a mechanized suit and riding a giant Bat-truck(yes, a Bat-truck). But, does that really make him the Batman. Snyder again gives us an incredible issue where we really don't have a clue where this story is going. Last month, we learned that Bruce Wayne was really not dead and was alive and well. This month, we learn more about that mystery and where he has been, but that just adds more layers to the mystery. In addition, another drama is unfolding in Gotham as a new crime lord is making his presence felt, and its a crime lord that has some strange connection to Gordon. I will admit that this issue felt a little drawn out compared to some of the previous ones, but when I hit those final pages my head nearly exploded. Snyder and Capullo are a dream team, and their kick-assery continues with this new take on Batman and #42 is another winner. Many people won't give this comic a chance because of their feelings about "screwing with a legend". But, as Snyder has shown already in his years on this title, change is good at times, especially when it helps with the overall plot of the series. While not everything has been revealed or even possibly hinted at for where this comic can go, the future still looks bright for this title. This status quo may not last forever, but it's taken us this far, and it's a ride you are still not going to want to miss out on. I give this issue a 9 out of 10. Can't wait to see next issue regarding "the discussion".


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