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Tisha Mae Eaton

With Spider-man getting a new reboot, it seems as though they have found their new Aunt May.

Marisa Tomei will be taking on the role that has been filled by Sally Field and Rosemary Harris before her.

While I do love Marisa, I can't help but notice that Aunt May is just getting younger and younger, with Marisa being the youngest at 50. Though it does actually make sense, though in the comics she is depicted looking more like his grandmother (let's be honest) she or uncle Ben are a sibling of one of Peter's parents. Depending on their age when they had Peter, it would actually make sense that Aunt May wouldn't be quite so old, even if she doesn't match the look of the original story.

Either way, it is exciting to see that Spider-man is getting more fleshed out, and I can't wait to see what the new movie will have in store.



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