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Caleb Palmer

The Year is 2134 and the Apocalypse has destroyed almost everything that we know or remember, food,water and earths resources are very limited. The only way you will survive is knowing everything about the world surrounding you, and the best way to survive is having people you can trust help you take down anything that will stand in your way from rebuilding man kind.

My Apocalypse Team

1. Spock(Star Trek)

Name: S'chn T'gai Spock

Occupation: Federation ambassador

Reason For Choosing: I chose Spock because I know he would make a great asset because he is so smart and is very intelligent.

2. Wolverine(X-Men)

Name: James Howlett

Occupation: Adventurer, Member of the X-Men

Reason For Choosing:There shouldn't be any reason not to choose wolverine cause of his abilities and health regeneration and also his hunting skills would be something anyone would need for a apocalypse.

3. Remy Hadley(House)

Name: Remy Beauregard Hadley

Occupation: Internal Medicine

Reason For Choosing:In my opinion you need a member that knows medicine and can help with situations that would need medical attention .

Overall these would be my Survivalist Apocalypse Team.


Do you think my team would survive the apocalypse?


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