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Artists have always known that the most intimidating things can be made cute by drawing them small, soft, squishy and round. It is the secret for the Funko Pop figures huge success.

Buenos Aires, Argentina based digital artist Luciano Laborde whose digital art agency is called Indicius, has made a name for himself doing just that.

Laborde's first big splash came when he released a series of cudly round caricatures of famous celebrities, artists and directors.

He has since added musicians.

His latest project takes on the Star Wars Universe ( Bobba Fett, C3P0, Chewbacca, Creedo and Darth Vader) and 80's horror icons (It, Freddy Kreuger, Michael Myers, Pinhead and Jason Vorhees).

Laborde is striving to create ultimate avatars using the dominant visual short hand of our time: comic books and caricature. There is no better way to take the fear away from something by taking away its edge and giving it a curve.

Let me know your favorites in the comments section.

You can find more of Luciano Laborde's work at his Facebook page.

Bobba Fett: He's No Good to Me Dead

C3P0: I Suggest a New Strategy, Artoo. Let the Wookie Win.


Greedo: El Jaya Kulpa Intick Kuny Ku Suwa

Darth Vader: I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

It: Beep Beep Richie

Freddy Krueger: Welcome to My World, Bitch.

Michael Myers: I Like the Mask Because It Hides My Face

Pinhead: We'll Tear Your Soul Apart

Jason Vorhees: Chi Chi Chi Chi Ah Ah Ah Ah

Via Design Taxi.

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