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In 2011, Marvel issues out a giant crossover in the Spider-man books called "Spider-Island" which was one of the first epics made by Dan Slott. Some fans loved it. Some fans hated it. But, it did change the status quo of the Spider-man books for the next few months. In the story, the inhabitants of New York were turning into spiders due to the evilness of both the Jackel and the Queen. But, in the end, with the help of Anti-Venom and Doctor Octopus's nano-bots, Spidey was able to defeat the Queen and restore everyone back to their regular self. But, what if he failed? What if the Queen had won and destroyed Spider-man and stood as the ruler of Spider-Island? Now, we will get that answer in this crossover to Secret wars.

Christos Gage delivers an epic where Spider-man was defeated(maybe killed) and the few remaining heroes of New York are in hiding due to the heroes and civilians of New York becoming spider-creatures. As the hero of this story Flash Thompson(aka Agent Venom) states, this is not a normal battle because these villains are just regular people trapped in the form of a monster. It would be wrong to attack and kill these people because of what the Queen did to them. That is part of the dilemma. But, as we can see from artist Paco Diaz, he can still have a little fun turning our favorite heroes into monsters. Just one look at Spider-Hulk and you will both be laughing and cringing. But, the comic isn't for the faint of heart, as it is quite a dark book and even darker then the original set that spawned it. What we end up with is a new setting for a classic story, but at the same time they change it just enough to make it enjoyable. Plus, we have a back-up tale involving a grown up Spider-girl that totally ties into Secret Wars and is done by the original crew that made that series. The comic is fun and found a way to also bring back some classic characters that we had fond memories of(anyone remember Cap-Wolf??). This tie-in probably won't sell as much as the other comics that have come out, but it's still a surprisingly good read. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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