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Rafi Scott Ortiz

What side are you on? Cap' side or Iron Man' side?

I am a Marvel fan to the core of my bones and next year we will see Civil War. I want Cap to win. I want him to kick Iron Man's iron butt. Why I am fighting on Cap' side? Cap wants to do what is right always ( I feel like that too, but I end up doing what is wrong sometimes). The Government wants to control the Avengers and every superheroe in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Government (even in real life) has it's good points, but also flaws: there is some corruption in the Government. (Even the world Government means mind control!). Are Superheroes above the law as if they were gods (Well, Thor is a god or an alien?)?

Dawn of Justice is kind of similar to Civil War. The only difference is that the world is afraid of Superman: is he for us or is he bad? What if Supies goes rogue and decides to kill all humanity (like the Plutonian!!!!!). Batman wants to test Superman to see what are his motives. But in Civil War we have a different example of humanity being afraid of superheroes: after the events of Age of Ultron, the Government wants to keep superhumans and heroes in check (under control) in case they go rogue like Ultron. Who are heroes accountable to? It seems that the Government is right in keeping heroes in check because in a sense superheroes can kill us all! We are talking about superhumans and prodigies here! Like imagine if Batman decides to kill all humanity (Nemesis?) then we are doomed!

But to whom is the Government accountable to? Was not Shield corrupted in Winter Soldier? Was not Shield compromised to it's core? Why should superhumans and heroes be puppets of the Government? What if the Government is wrong and evil? What if the Government only seeks to manipulate and control people but not to help people? Why can not the superheroes work as consultants to the Government, but not as soldier-slaves of the Government? The choice is yours. I am on Cap' side. What side are you on?


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