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"To live would be an awfully big adventure." -Peter Pan

Hey guys! So if you haven't heard yet, Peter Pan is coming back to the Silver Screen. J. M. Barry's beloved character is returning in a new film called Pan (2015) set to release Oct. 9 of this year. The trailer for the film can be seen below:

Watching this trailer, I found my self thinking about the past 'Peter Pan' movies I watched growing up. Of course there is Disney's animation Peter Pan (1953), which started my love for Peter, Neverland and the Lost Boys. When I was really young, my sister and I would watch the VHS tape over and over. Even my dreams were inspired by the movie ( It was always the same dream with me flying through clouds and cannon balls whizzing past me)!

Then there is Steven Spielberg's Hook (1991). In this film, Peter is all grown up and has lost memory of being Peter Pan. When Captain Hook kidnaps Peter's children, Peter returns to Neverland to reclaim his youthful self and save his children. My favorite character in this interpretation of Peter Pan's story is Rufio! For me, Rufio, the leader of the Lost Boys, was just the coolest dude ever. Seriously, sweet hair man.

Ru-fi-OOOO Ru-fi-OOOOO
Ru-fi-OOOO Ru-fi-OOOOO

Then there was the 2003 film Peter Pan. Unlike Hook, this film is the present version of Peter Pan's story when he visits Wendy Darling for the first time. it's when he's still a child from Neverland. I don't remember much about the movie itself, and it never stood out to me like Disney's Peter Pan or Hook. BUT I always think of the movie when I hear Coldplay's song 'Clocks'. I love that song so I guess i'll never forget about this Peter Pan.

There's something about Peter Pan's story will always capture people's attention. It's about a boy that never grows up and who doesn't have to worry about the adult world. It's nice to be reminded of that sometimes.

- Daniel

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