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In 2007, Marvel went on their epic decision to end the relationship of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson by making a deal with the devil to end it. It was controversial and it led to a number of people swearing they would never buy another Spider-man comic ever again. We went through "Brand New Day" and "Big Time" and "Superior Spider-man", but fans never got over the feeling of how hurt they were that Joe Quesada eliminated the biggest love story that was in comics those days. But, the fans got a second chance with Secret Wars to see that love. But again, the fans were mixed on that issue. Some fans were thrilled to see how the love was shown and saw that Peter would do anything to protect his family. But some fans, myself included, were not happy with his decisions and felt again that Dan Slott had slapped the Spider-man fans in the face. Now, we are at Chapter two of this storyline, and it was a giant improvement from what we saw last month.

We are in a world where superheroes are outlawed and hunted down if they even show any example of their powers. The story opens with Peter showing remourse over his actions from last month, which I was glad to see. The Peter that we have known for the last few years would never kill someone in cold blood, even to save his family. But now, Peter sees that his actions can't be taken back and he must survive with the guilt of his actions. But, his actions were justified because it was to protect his wife and daughter, who is still having nightmares about the black creature that is hiding under her bed. Peter is forced to abandon even using any of his powers because even using them once would cause Regent to know where he is, and he would be hunted quickly. One might think Peter is a coward for hiding, especially when he’s snapping pictures of the last remaining heroes getting their butts kicked, but Slott does a great job making it clear he’s making this sacrifice for his family. Honestly after reading this you’ll realize this is the strongest example of a hero having to hide his identity to protect his family. The issue does have a cliffhanger again that will make us again wonder what version of Peter we will see in the next issue, but I feel that at the end, we will see that Peter will display both responsibility and power. I give this issue a 7 out of 10, and I feel it was a large improvement from last month.


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