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Our second bit of casting for Marvel/Sony's upcoming Spider-Man reboot has just dropped and it has been reported by Variety that Academy Award winner Maria Tomei will play Aunt May in the film.

Earlier this year a deal was struck between Marvel and Sony to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and just a couple of weeks ago we got our Spider-Man and our director in Tom Holland and Jon Watts. Now this is considerably smaller in terms of casting but it's an interesting one. Star of The Wrestler for which she was nominated and My Cousin Vinny for which she won her Oscar, Marisa Tomei, will play Peter's Aunt in the film.

May and Ben Parker took young Peter in after he lost his parents (the story changes from time to time) they raised Peter together before Ben tragically died by gunshot for which Peter blames himself.

This is the youngest iteration of the character we will have ever seen on the big screen, Tomei is 50 years old but looks fantastic for her age. In Sam Raimi's trilogy we saw Rosemary Harris deliver a brilliant performance as Aunt May and in Marc Webb's rebooted series we saw Sally Field take on the role in which she did incredibly well. I think a younger Aunt May works as Tom Holland is also quite young, perhaps this younger version will play a much more motherly role than previous incarnations.

Tomei is a great actress and I have no doubts about her in the role at all, I think she can bring something quite new to the character. Tomei is a very dynamic actress and we've seen her play a variety of different roles.

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Marvel/Sony's Spider-Man hits theaters July 28th 2016.


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