ByBrad Dee, writer at

In the world of Battleworld, many things happen that we expect to happen. I feel that is part of the fun of the series as a whole. But, we also have some fresh takes or sequels to stories that have happened in the past. This week alone, we have continuations to Spider-Island, Civil War and the Age of Apocolypse. So, where does this comic fit in knowing that we just went through Spider-verse 4 months ago and watched how everyone interacted there.Well, this comic hits on a few parts and misses on even more. The art also, by Andre Arujo doesn't help this book at all, as everyone looks like a animated character with weird facial expressions. But, what does make this comic strange is the strategy they are using in reference to the characters that we know already.

In Spider-verse, all the heroes were forced to join together to combat a threat that wanted their extermination. Now, they are on Battleworld, where not everything is as it seems. Last month, the Spiders were confronted by a new version of the Sinister Six. But, the first half of this comic features the fight between these two forces that looks like something out of an 80's comic. Once that fight ends, the confusion begins as we start to learn who really are the heroes, who is the traitor, who might be the villains and a cliffhanger that brings yet another main player into the comic. The main story of this comic is still regarding the "Web Of Life" and how it impacts all the heroes from Spiderverse. They know that something is wrong with their new lives, but can't exactly explain what it is. The comic does show some strong points but it's getting watered down quickly. It might be because we just went through this 4 months ago. I can only give this issue a 6 out of 10.


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