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Rafi Scott Ortiz

Next year we shall see one of the greatest movies in the history of superheroe movies: Dawn of Justice. I believe it will do great, so Marvel has some serious competition. Many people dont like the idea of Batman fighting Superman. But I love the idea. Batman is my favorite DC character. Batman is a complete badass. Batman is a freaking genius. So he will not fight Superman unprepared. Batman is all about being prepared! Batman is all about planning, strategy, and thinking. (You can see that I almost adore Batman). I want Batman to kick Superman's butt of steel. Of course Batman must use Kryptonite, he has to! If I were Batman I make myself a Kryptonite armor! You may say: "oh but Batman is no match for Superman, Superman is a freaking god, and Batsie is just a mortal". Yes, Batsie is a mortal, but he is all brains and Superman once said: Batman is the most dangerous man on Earth. You got to respect the Batsie.

I respect Superman too (he is the greatest superheroe ever created in comic book history), but there is something about him with which I cannot identify. He is too perfect, he is took godlike, he is too divine. I can identify with Batsie, since I am a mortal, but not with Supies, he is too high for me. It is like the worship of Supies is almost imposed on me. I prefer Batsie, he is a badass "god".

I want Batman to win. But why Batman? As a great writer once said: Batman is just trying to test Clark. He is trying to see what are the motives of the god called Superman. He is trying to keep Supies on check: is he for us or will he turn like the Superman of Injustice: Gods among us? Who should win this little battle?


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