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San Diego Comic Con. For the people who don't know how important it is to pop culture, think of The San Diego Comic Con as Christmas for me and my fellow comic book readers, Treky's Star Wars fans, and the like. It's the time of year where the people get to see exclusive trailers of upcoming movies before they hit commercials, cinematic previews and the Internet. Where you can buy exclusive toys, figures, statues, busts, arts, and all kinds of random things to bring home. While some, if not all of these things are accessible via the Internet the next day or the day after, there's nothing like being one of the first to have or see something special. Calling or texting your friends saying "DUDE!!! I just saw some exclusive footage of Captain America Civil War!" or "I just got an autographed copy of Hush!".

The San Diego Comic Con is a safe haven for everyone. You can literally come as you are and no one will look at you like a stain. It's a place where the Star Wars and Star Trek cos-play fans or fans of the movies or TV show will take a picture with each other and debate who's space drama is better in person. Wolverine will take a picture with Batman while Hugh Jackman and Ben Affleck look on and smile. It's the ultimate time to just be yourself. That isn't to say that you have to put on a costume to enjoy what's going on. Just being there is fun enough. You can go from booth to booth checking things out without being harassed to buy something. Maybe find a comic book arc you've been looking for. And take a picture with a giant LEGO model (Avengers 2 Hulk Buster and Hulk this year).

There are also sorts of panels about comic book movies and television shows to check out. The stars, writers, and or directors of the movies and shows are almost always there with a smile on their faces answering questions about their project and sometimes they're just walking around in costume.The San Diego Comic Con has morphed into the event of the year for celebrities. It almost seems like if you weren't invited to join a panel, then your movie just wasn't as popular as you'd want it to be.

LEGO Hulk Buster will be there.
LEGO Hulk Buster will be there.

Beyond the movies and television, the point of comic con is actually comic books. You can see all of your favorite writers and artists like Kelly Sue DeConnick (Awesome writer of Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, Bitch Planet) Jim Lee (Rock star artist Batman: Hush, Justice League; DC Entertainment co-publisher) and Stan Lee (Seriously?!!?! EXCELSIOR!!!!). Those are just three of the comic book writers and artists that will at the con this year. That's not even including the artists in Artist Alley. There is also always a big poster revealing who the big heroes or villains will be this year. Imagine getting a chance to hear from Marvel, DC, Top Cow, or whoever you read first hand what they are doing this upcoming year. You might know before your comic book store owner does.

I could go on and on about who is at the con this year, but you can get that at any website. You want to know the real reason San Diego Comic Con is worth going to or paying attention to? Because once a year, you get to be part of something special. Every year there is a big reveal that blows everyone mind and we will all eventually find out about it within seconds. But I tell you this and I truly mean it, you may hear about it later, but it won't beat the excitement of hearing it before everyone else. So if you can go, grab your favorite costume or t-shirt, get your camera, take some pictures with your favorite costumed people, and enjoy being part of something amazing, spectacular, and friendly. Yes, that was an overly used Spider-Man joke.


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