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THE STORY: The year is 2134, and the post-apocalyptic landscape that had been the backdrop of so many of your favorite films has now become your world. Water is scarce, the deserts are endless and there is a steady stream of deranged outlaws on your tail. To stay alive and maintain any hopes of rebuilding civilization you've got to team up with the absolute best.

First off I have to stipulate the rules I set for my self when coming up with my extraordinary league of post-apocalyptic baddies who will be my PA team.


  • Must be characters who live in a post-apocalyptic world
  • Can't be "extremely" (remember the importance of this word) super powered
  • A realistic team with varying skills

Keeping this in mind lets begin!


1.)TANK GIRL (Rebecca Buck)

Tank Girl
Tank Girl

The first thought in my mind for my PA Team! She's a super tough punk who is used to having a bounty on her head. The reason I would choose her besides being proficient at every means to kill a person is simply because she's hilarious, and what's more important in between your mass casualty gorefests than a good laugh? Also she comes prepared with her own house as her and her tank are inseparable , I can't personally think of a better person to handle the task of survival.

2.) Maya ("The Siren")

Maya of Borderlands 2
Maya of Borderlands 2

what is a team if there isn't a medic? Truly a relentless powerhouse of a character, Maya is not limited to just her skill of "phaselocking" enemies (suspension of target in midair) which would allow our team to eat a well balanced meal while taking pot shots at whoever may cross our path (yes, it's a dog eat dog world) but she also has the astounding ability to heal whoever stays close to her vicinity needless to say I would eat, sleep and whatever else I have time to do by her side.

3.) Dogmeat

Dogmeat of Fallout (in this case particular 4)
Dogmeat of Fallout (in this case particular 4)

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” - Josh Billings

I feel "Dogmeat" is a must have for any post-apocalyptic team, the only one you wouldn't have to worry about turning on you in a crazy ever changing world. He could search for food, alert you to any threat and keep you warm on a cold night. He's an immortal dog with lots of personality and not to mention extremely cute.

This is what I would consider the ultimate team given the situation, if I had to sum up our team in one phrase I would say "napalm enema". Thank you for reading, let me know what you think.


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