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It's been two years since Disney's wildly successful film Frozen was released! The feature-length 'Let it Go' music video was an instant success, capturing the heart of boys and girls of all ages. So much so that we're STILL talking about it! The movie has come and gone, and several more amazing animated films have come out (Big Hero 6 and Inside Out to name a few), and yet here we are in 2015, still filling our houses with Frozen merchandise.

But for good reason. Frozen may just be one of the greatest animated films of all time, and that's not just my humble opinion. The movie made over $110 million dollars in its opening weekend, and has become the highest grossing animated film of all time! While this may come as surprise to some, it's not that hard to believe once you consider how dedicated the makers behind Frozen were to the film.

Disney has been known to go above and beyond limitations when making a movie, especially an animated one, and Frozen is no exception. So much attention to detail was put into making the movie; from animators trekking across the icy landscapes of Norway and Wyoming to figure out the effects of snow on clothing, to hiring an actual professor of Old Norse and Scandinavian mythology to help with Norwegian words and accents in the film!

Perfectionism / OCD. It's a fine line
Perfectionism / OCD. It's a fine line

How do I know all of this? Simple, I worked on Frozen.

Ok, no I didn't. If I had worked on that movie, I'd probably be swimming in my pool made of solid gold coins. After all, I'd be rich, I wouldn't have to abide to the laws of physics or logic! No, I know these facts thanks to a video by the YouTube channel CartoonHangover.

The video covers a whopping 107 facts about everyone's favorite ice-related movie! From the fact that the animators had an actual reindeer on set as inspiration for the character Sven, to the shocking fact that 'Let it Go', the song you have stuck in your head right now, was made in just ONE DAY! Not all the facts are minor details either.

For example, Elsa, the main protagonist, was almost the main antagonist! Back when the movie was still a close adaption to the story it was based on (The Snow Queen), Elsa was going to be a punk rock, Amy Winehouse-inspired villain. I think we can all agree that would have been more than a slight change from the movie that we have today.

Tried to make me bring back summer, I said no no no
Tried to make me bring back summer, I said no no no

But I won't spoil all the fun facts for you! You can check out the cool video below! Make sure to wear protective headgear for when you're mind is blown.

Warning: Obvious Spoilers Ahead! But Come On, We've ALL Seen Frozen!

Well there you go, you now know 107 things about Frozen! You're sure to impress all of your friends at any social events you attend! But much like the millions of consumers who saw Frozen, I can tell that you're clamoring for more, just itching to fill your brain up with as much Frozen knowledge as humanly possible!

Well you and your knowledge-seeking cranium can rest easy. Here are some more facts that the video neglected to mention.

Anna Is The First Disney Princess To Sing A Duet With The Villain!

Musical doors
Musical doors

Hans may have been a good-for-nothing human pile of reindeer pellets, but his role in the film actually earned it an impressive credential. The song 'Love Is An Open Door' is the first time a Disney princess has ever performed a duet with the villain.

Granted, neither we nor Anna knew he was a villain at the time, but it still totally counts. To be fair, we all should have known Hans was bad. Absolutely no one performs a love duet with someone they just met with good intentions, or out of the kindest of their hearts.

Oh that's right, this is a Disney film. Nevermind then.

Elsa Is Only The Second Disney Princess To Have Powers!

Alright technically she's a queen, but she started out in the film as a princess so again, thanks to technicalities, it totally counts. It may be hard to believe, what with Disney being all about magic and fantasy, but Elsa is only the second Disney princess to ever have powers!

The first is Rapunzel, from Disney's Tangled. Though if you want to get super technical about it, Rapunzel herself didn't have the powers. It was her hair that had magical healing abilities. So with that in mind, that would make Elsa the first to actually have the powers inside her, right? Then again, hair is a part of you.

Look I'm not going to spend hours debating the technicalities of hair-based superpowers. That sounds more like Jon Negroni's thing.

She's Also The Second Disney Princess To Not Have A Love Interest!


Frozen relayed some pretty non-Disney messages, for a Disney film. Prior Disney princesses always fell in love with the first charming stranger to shoot them a handsome grin, resulting in a traditional 'Happily Ever After' type ending. But Anna quickly learned that falling in love with the first guy you bump in to is usually not a good idea.

Meanwhile, her older sister Elsa didn't have a love interest at all! The only other Disney princess to go solo in a film is Merida from Disney/Pixar's Brave. While Elsa isn't exactly the fiery bow-and-arrow carrying warrior that Merida is, both girls have become role models for young girls for their strong message of getting things done without the help of Prince Charming.

Not every princess needs a prince, as Frozen clearly shows.

Anna and Elsa May Have A Brother, Whom We've Already Met!

Sounds like the most magical episode of Maury ever.
Sounds like the most magical episode of Maury ever.

This next fact isn't technically a fact, despite it coming from a pretty reliable source. It's no secret that the wedding Anna and Elsa's parents were headed to before their demise was likely the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled, which explains Rapunzel and her husband's brief cameo in the film.

But according to Frozen director Chris Buck, their parents didn't actually die on the way to the wedding. During a Reddit 'AMA', writer Jennifer Lee revealed that Chris had a pretty good idea about the fates of Anna and Elsa's parents:

If Chris' story sounds familiar, that's because it's the story of Tarzan and his parents from the film Tarzan! Buck also directed Tarzan, so it could just be a little nod to his other successful animated film. Still, as far as crazy, world connecting theories go, this one definitely has a little more credibility than others; coming straight from the mouth of the director himself, after all.

I hope you enjoyed all of these awesome Frozen facts! If you did, make sure to like CartoonHangover's video and subscribe to their channel! They have a bunch more of these awesome factual vids!

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