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The Walking Dead #144 Starts where #143 ended with Rick being held by gunpoint on a roof by whisperers leader Alpha who shows him her group is a lot bigger then Ricks and that she dose not mess around.

The issue mainly focus on Rick, Carl and Lydia in The whisperers territory and Carl dealing with the fact that his father just screwed them over ever being friends with the whisperers.

It also deals with rick finding out that the type of stuff that 5 Years ago he would of arrested someone on the spot for doing isn't in his control anymore and that he cant protect everyone in the world but he must. Try to protect his loved ones and in this case that means protecting Lydia his sons love. Which he does very well and the pages with Alpha Breaking down in the fact that her daughter is not okay in how the world gets run by her mom. And trusts a random man more then her. She understands she has to let her go in order to be able to actually destroy the man who took her away from her daughter.

The Final pages of the issue where we find out that Andrea and Michone are no longer at there horses and that somethings up followed by the safe zone slowly noticing that there people are gone and rick seeing heads of his neighbors and friends including two main characters Ezekiel First appearance (#108) and Rosita First Appearance (#53) and several other characters whose only points were for this .

Overall a good issue the character deaths make them a more intimidating character then Negan and The Governor overall id give this issue 9.5/10 and a crazy ending to a great story arc.


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