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Variety is reporting that the new Spider-man movie has found it's Aunt May.

And she is only 50!

Marisa Tomei, best known for her Oscar winning performance in My Cousin Vinny, has reportedly been offered the role. The offer reportedly came last week. If this is true she will be the third and youngest actress to play the role. But, be warned, this is not official. This is a rumor. Marvel and Sony has not made a comment.

Tomei has mostly done dramas (The Wrestler, The Ides of March) or comedies (Crazy Stupid Love). She can next be seen in Trainwreck and is filming The Big Short with Christen Bale. She also just nabbed a recurring role on the second season of the Fox hit Empire.

Aunt May has always been the person to raise Peter Parker/Spider-man. She takescare of him after his parents dies. And is often the loss of her husband and Peter's uncle, Ben, that leads to Peter being a hero. And though, Marvel and Sony handpicked Tom Holland as their younger Spider-man, very few thought they go this young for their Aunt May. But I don't care about her age. She is a great actress.


Do you like the casting?


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