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Everywhere I go I'm hearing reboots of this sequels to this movies that seem way too similar to this other thing films based on other films that are total letdowns blah blah blah. It seems like this is the era of reboots. Don't believe me? Look at a small this list of reboots some already out, announced, or rumored.

  • Transporter refueled (this summer)
  • The Mummy (in the works)
  • Indiana Jones (rumors)
  • Fantastic 4 (this summer)
  • Poltergeist (was in theaters)
  • Total Recall (been out for a while)
  • Red Dawn(been out for a while)
  • Ghostbusters (coming soon)
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes (out with a sequel out and another coming)
  • Hitman Agent 47 (This summer)
  • Predator (in the works)
  • Godzilla (came out last year)`

The list goes on and on and on. Then there are needless sequels and I do mean needless sequels, did Paranormal Activity really need 5 sequels? I watched 3 and the Marked Ones and the only interesting part of the Marked Ones was the part where they were trying to bang some hot Latin women and the 3rd one nearly put me to sleep.

Jurassic World was great but apparently there are like 2 sequels being planned already. Also if you aren't sick of Johnny Dept he's got another Pirates of the Caribbean in the works, why I have no idea. Actually that's a lie, MONEY!!!

Now don't get me wrong some of these reboots I like, Godzilla was good, Amazing Spider Man was good, even though the second one was a let down, Total Recall was good and Planet of the Apes was awesome. But here's the problem I have with all of these sequels and reboots, NOTHING NEW IS COMING OUT.

He's not happy either...
He's not happy either...

By new, I mean a new franchise something original that isn't a spin off, reboot, rehash, or sequel. Now we've gotten in this weird environment where new ideas come forth and they're overshadowed by movies based on other properties be it adaptions or what have you. For example Pacific Rim, it came out around the time Zach Snyder's iffy Man of Steel came out.

Sorry fanboys but I enjoyed Pacific Rim way more than Man of Steel but Man of Steel, because its goddamn Superman made a lot more money despite even though people also disliked it. Including myself, I was bored for nearly two-thirds of the film, the only redeeming qualities were the two fights in the whole movie, and even then they got boring quickly because I didn't really care about anyone in the film.

Pacific Rim, somehow despite the fact that for the most part I'm watching robots beating the hell out of giant monsters, got me to care and I was way more invested in it than Man of Steel. Yet the box office doesn't lie, Man of Steel sold more. Pacific Rim, did better according to Rotten Tomato scores.

Man of Steel: 56%

Money Grossed: $291,045,518

Pacific Rim: 72%

Money Grossed: $101,802,906

Last summer I saw the same pattern again with Edge of Tomorrow, a movie based off a book called All You Need is Kill, with an interesting premise, granted another movie had done it (Groundhog Day I think) of the protagonist repeating the day but Edge of Tomorrow applied it to war and combat and turned the traditional infallible action film protagonist upside on its head by showing him going through the situation more like a normal guy, he screws up A LOT and dies A LOT. Most people didn't see this movie, it wasn't marked properly and everyone I know who did see it loved it. I showed to my friends on campus and they all were like, "how come I didn't see this in theaters!? This was amazing!". It's actually very tragic, especially when the movie is good. If an original idea comes out and its horrible then its just horrible (cough cough Jupiter Ascending).

Now some of you are probably asking, why I care so much about this, its not like I get a cut from creative movie sales or anything. Well because I'm trying to be an author I already have a draft of my first novel that I'm still struggling to get published, mostly because of cash. I'm worried that because I try some things that might not be considered standard practice for a fantasy novel I'm worried most people will overlook it and go for another book like the next Game of Thrones and forget about the little guy trying to do his own thing.

It's not just movies either where the creativity is starting to drag, look at video games, we've got annual Assassin's Creeds, Call of Duties, and Battlefields and when new game franchises come they're generally not selling very well. Look at Evolve, a game with an interesting premise that's getting dogged because of DLC practices that in all honesty are no worse than other games with their DLC but because its a new IP it catches hell for it.

How many is enough?
How many is enough?

And don't get me started about the book scene now, all of these Y.A books are starting to sound and feel alike and I've become so jaded towards them. I rolled my eyes at Maze Runner and shrugged at Hunger Games 2 and 3 part 1 because I can name you a lot of other books that could make excellent movies that will never get made because Hollywood is obsessed with these cheap to make, stupid as all hell Y.A books that keep making absurd amounts of money. Hell I'm nervous about my book not being picked up because it ISN'T like Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent, Maze Runner, Mortal Instruments, and so on and so on.

So why does Hollywood keep spitting out sequels, spin-offs and reboots? Because its financially safer, let me put it this way, if you try a particular brands gaming computers and they work out great for you and do everything you need them to do and then some, why would you then buy a new gaming computer from an unknown new brand with no serious credit to its name? The computer brand might be excellent might be better than what your current provider gives you but most aren't willing to take that risk. Hollywood thinks the same way, that's why Paranormal Activity is still a thing. (I apologize for that long as hell metaphor).

I get it, the movie industry is a business it is, and they have to turn a profit, but I want more people to think about delivering a great story and product more so than thinking about the money.

Now I'm not saying you should stop watching, reading, or playing your favorite franchises or series. I love some long running franchises I am guilty of liking the Resident Evil franchise games and movies and Transformers, I liked Age of Extinction and want to see where the 5th movie goes. I also like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and can't wait to see what comes out of that, (Black Panther 2018 whoop whoop!!) but please let's give the new guys and gals a shot.

If this is starting to sound like a rant I apologize, I'll reboot this a hundred and eighty times till you love it. !


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