ByKirk Garcia Levingar, writer at

1) Daenayris Targarian from Game of Thrones- who can resist the beautiful Kahlisi. She is a natural leader, fiercely loyal and intelligent. But her most useful aspect is the fact that she has 3 dragons. With 3 dragons at your command you can easily gain air superiority, scout distent lands, and terrorize your enemies. Feeding them wouldn't be hard you throw them a couple captives.

2) The Terminatrix from Tetminator 3. Rise of the Machines- who wouldn't want a cyborg fem fatale who can easily control a mob of vehicles and chase your enemies down using her remote control nanotechnology? Can you imagine her controlling an army of tanks and airplains? With her anatomy that can quickly turn to wrapons can allow you to get the jump on an enemy. I am sure her highly detailed files will come in handy too.

3) Tony Stark from Ironman- you may at first think I chose him because he comes with an amazing suit of armor. While that is a perk, I think his ability to build things and solve problems is his best ability. He can figure how to creat water, synthesize food, and rebuild civilisation (clean water, ac, electricity oh yeah).

So with these three heroes I do believe I can solve any problems such as roving bands of maniacs, lack of food and water, as well as questionable breeding practices. All in an effort to rebuild the world.

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