ByBaldwin Collins, writer at
Baldwin Collins

Good news for those fans like myself, 20th Century Fox has decided to revive its Predator franchise with writer/directer Shane Black. According to reports this next instalment in the franchise would be a sequel, yes sounds good. Cancelling out the (1990) sequel which starred Danny Glover and Gary Busey? Or following the first film's ending where Arnold's character Dutch is the only survivor from the last mission?

Which would be interesting, having Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise his character Dutch in a sequel, the (1990) sequel was good but in my opinion the film was totally different with only the predator alien's return in a battle in los angeles between Columbians and Jamaican gangs.

However it would be great to see if the producers can revive the hype the original (1987) predator film generated on it's release back then. are you looking forward to see the Predator Sequel?


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