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Since it's first episode, Arrow has had fans of the CW show hooked. With it's breath-taking fight scenes and ever darkening plot coupled with the rise and fall of fan favorite heroes and villains from the comics, how could it not be a success? But with Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) driving off into the sunset to end season 3, the direction of the show has been a mystery to fans for season 4. While it's no secret Oliver Queen will be returning to the streets of Starling, everyone has been wondering just who will John Diggle be when he puts on the mask come season 4. Well, we may just have the answer for you.

While nothing official has been stated about Diggle's upcoming secret identity, that doesn't mean we can't have our guesses (and let me tell you - this is the best bet in a lot of fans opinions, including mine). That's right - we're talking about DC's Guardian, folks. Now, why the Guardian? What about Green Lantern? Despite original speculation by fans, show runners of Arrow have stated that he will not be becoming our favorite green ringed super hero. With that in mind, the Guardian is really the only super hero we know of that makes perfect sense for Diggle to become. Here's why:

1. The Guardian doesn't have a single super power.

Neither does Diggle...unless you count how many laughs he can give when he first meets Barry Allen. That was just something special.

2. The Guardian's hand-to-hand combat and tactical skills are incredible.

With Diggle having military training and working alongside team arrow for years now, it's no surprise that he's got what it takes to fit this description. Now, the argument can absolutely be made that this point is erroneous, as Diggle uses guns sometimes to get the job done. While that is true that he uses guns, it can also be argued that he had no choice but to without any suit to conceal his face or protect his body. And let's not forget Diggle nearly beat a man to death with his bare hands towards the end of season 3.

3. His suit is fairly simple.

The Guardian's suit is actually really simple. It's been always portrayed with a golden shield and helmet (his only weapons), which would be easy for the team to make, and afford given their limited budget. But in some renditions, we've actually seen the Guardian with an exoskeleton that grants him strength beyond that of a normal human. While this may not be the Guardian we get, don't completely count it out. Oliver may not be able to afford it at the time, but with Thea now Speedy and having inherited a hefty amount of money from her "deceased" father, it is completely possible for her to start financially supporting the team until Oliver can.

4. The Guardian is African-American in newer renditions.

While Roy Harper's (Colton Hanes) father was the original Guardian, the Mal Duncan version was not only black, but built very similar to Diggle. And while Roy's father still remains a mystery, it's safe to say that won't be solved for some time, since Colton Hanes has left the show. Not to mention there was spin-off's on the Guardian, like the Manhattan Guardian and Golden Guardian, that make it possible for more than one Guardian to exist simultaneously.

5. One rendition of the Guardian has heavy ties with H.I.V.E.

While this Guardian was actually a villain, it's still a prominent factor in determining the validity of this speculation. With H.I.V.E. being the main villain this season of 'Arrow', and Diggle having such strong ties to the villainous organization after they had his brother, Andy, murdered, bringing in the Guardian would be a great nod to the comics. However, I could absolutely see two Guardins - one where Andy from the multiverse comes back, working with H.I.V.E., as an evil version of the Guarian. Or, maybe Andy was brought back with the Lazarus pit. Either way - I could definitely see Andy being the dark version of the Guardian, forcing Diggle to fight his brother to the finish.

Now, none of this means that Diggle will be the Guardian come season 4. But it does give a pretty good argument that he could be. As for the clones that I haven't addressed yet, I don't think the show will be adopting that direction, especially with Flash opening up the multiverse. But if they were to bring in the clones, or if the multiverse being open brings in a villain Guardian, I could see it being Andy Diggle who is H.I.V.E.'s Guardian. But like everything else, we're going to have to wait for the official announcement to come on what to expect from Diggle donning a mask.


Do you think John Diggle will become the Guardian?


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