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If there’s one thing Marvel fans love, it’s casting the future Marvel movies before any announcements are made. Whether it’s Stephen Strange or Carol Danvers, fans were throwing names all over the place long before before actors were announced (still going on in Danvers’ case).

But one movie that I’m not hearing a whole lot about is Inhumans. This could potentially be a huge movie for Marvel, with an enormous impact on the MCU. So I’m wondering... who is going to be in it? We’ve heard some rumors, but nothing is really concrete.

So I figured I would take a crack at one of those ever-popular fan casts, and pick who I would like to see as the major characters from Marvel’s Inhumans. Here you go:

Black Bolt - Vin Diesel

The rumors are already there, so why not run with them, right? He looks the part and well... he wouldn’t really have any lines. In fact, I find it pretty funny that he would play just the voice of one Marvel character and actually play another that can’t speak. I think this would be a pretty good choice for the King of the Inhumans.

Medusa - Margot Robbie

I figure I might take some heat for this one. I know she’s young, but she’s definitely got the look. Plus, a little movie magic could make her look older. This choice could change depending on her portrayal of Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Personally, I think she’s going to knock it out of the park and I’m looking forward to seeing it. If that’s the case, why not bring her to the MCU?

Crystal - Chloe Grace Moretz

Another young, up-and-coming actress. This could change if you don’t go with Robbie, but I think you could certainly pass her off as a younger sister. We know she’s got what it takes to play the energetic Crystal. So it just comes down to the look. And with Robbie as Medusa, I think Moretz has it.

Gorgon - Jason Momoa

Yeah, I know. I’m poaching DC’s actors. But come on, tell me Momoa doesn’t look like Gorgon. You need a very big, very strong guy to play this role and he fits the bill. My only question would be: can he be as loud and over the top as Gorgon should be? He would really need to steal the show at some points.

Karnak - Jackie Earle Haley

This is a tough one. Haley is a lesser known actor at this point, but I think he’s a good fit. Mostly known for his role as Rorschach in Watchmen, he’s no stranger to superhero movies. Of course, this would be a completely different role than the ultra-violent one he played back in 2009. While Karnak is skilled in martial arts, he’s more an advisor to Black Bolt, with the ability to see weaknesses in their enemies.

Triton - Jerome Flynn

Anyone else love Bronn as much as I do? I figure Triton would be mostly done with CGI, so I guess this would primarily be for the voice. But you could also base him off of Flynn’s look to make the role a bit more complete. I would love to see kind of a bad ass Triton in this movie, and we know Flynn could do that.

Maximus - Joaquin Phoenix

What makes a great superhero movie? A great villain. I know Phoenix had some issues with the whole Doctor Strange thing, so this is highly unlikely. But I would love to see him as a villain in the MCU and Maximus the Mad is a perfect fit. Wouldn’t an almost Joker-like character, portrayed by Phoenix, be incredible?

The Unspoken - Gerard Butler

What if they go a different route? What if Maximus is not yet completely Mad, and the Inhumans are dealing with an entirely different threat. The Unspoken was the Inhumans’ king, prior to Black Bolt, who was overthrown and banished due to his power-hungry ways. Maybe we'll see a time before Black Bolt’s reign. And if so, Butler would make for an interesting villain in this role.

So there's my cast. Let me know what you guys think. If you have any replacements or castings for other characters let me know. I really want to see what other ideas are out there.


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