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Disney has been known for making magical films that have marked history in the industry of Animation and our childhoods with great emotional and happy moments. However, the process of making these movies is not always the same happy moments, which is the case of 'The Kingdom of the Sun', now called 'The Emperor's New Groove' that is one of my favorite Disney Films. There is also a documentary that takes you inside the Walt Disney Animation Studios and on an incredible journey through the making of the film.

The Promotional Poster of The Original Film
The Promotional Poster of The Original Film

The Documentary is called 'The Sweatbox' and shows conflict between the creators, songwriters and animator of Kingdom of the Sun, along with what the movie is about and how it was created.

Disney have banned this Documentary from the internet because it shows a darker, serious tone to the company that could leave a bad reputation. It has been deleted from YouTube and many other sources because of this.

But nothing can escape the internet and now you can see it yourself!

Before I show you the documentary, lets share some "Groovy" Facts about the film:

1. The Original story was based on the classic 'Prince and The Pauper' story.

2. Kuzco's original name was Manco.

3. Pacha was supposed to be the emperor's twin.

4. Pacha was originally voiced by Owen Wilson.

Now lets get ready to watch 'The sweat-Box'...

Animation is different from other parts. Its language of caricature our most difficult job is to develop the cartoon's unnatural anatomy for humans and animals. - Walt Disney


What Do you think about the changes they made to the film?


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