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This is a non spoiler review movie for The Minions

first,when i heard they announce they are going to make a minion movie i was excited and couldn't wait to see the movie,i had high hopes for this movie and after i walk out the theater i am still laughing hard because of this movie.

as the storyline it's okay but you come to watch this movie is to laugh right? if not then you are going to have a so-so time with this movie.

overall the comedy was good,the 3 minion is funny plus the mix language they use to communicate is hilarious,i'm indonesian myself and i was really surprised with some of the words in the movie,it makes the whole theater laugh.Scarlet overkill character is not so interesting for me but her husband is hilarious ,i do hope he get alot of screening time in this movie but sadly not. let me tell you scarlet overkill's husband with the minions would make a not bad replacement for gru.

what i really hope for this movie is the real concentration in the minions character ,not just 3 ,i would love to have the minions (with an S) is the main character

but anyway this is a fun movie and if you have time seeing this movie,go watch it

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