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Comic book movies are still on the rise and it doesn't look like we've hit the roof but I'm worried that comic book movies are focusing too heavily on the traditional superhero comic. I think a good way to avoid over-saturation of superhero comic book movies is to expand to different comic books. These are two that come to my head that I think would be perfect for the big screen.



The Darkness is actually one of my favorite comics even more so than some marvel properties, its a refreshing story line because the Darkness isn't a superhero comic. In fact it is technically considered in the horror category as far as comics, the Darkness follows the story of Mafia hit-man Jackie Estacado on his twenty-first birthday Jackie inherits the Darkness, a demonic entity with godlike power. It is extremely bloody and violent full of mature content and wickedness. There's a wide range for the Darkness there are the more grounded bits of the story, and there are more fantastical elements like the part where Jackie tangles with his arch nemesis, the Angelus, the polar opposite of the Darkness in every way.

Also, because the Darkness passes down from generation to generation you have the potential to make a cinematic universe out of it because the Darkness is connected to the Angelus and another character named the Witchblade who is a hybrid of the two. I can see an Angelus spin off and things like that with other characters. I think the Darkness would be a pallet cleanser and give us a break from super hero comics, because Jackie Estacado is not a hero (although he sometimes does the right thing).


Happy Family
Happy Family

I'll admit I've only read the first volume and I read it in under thirty-minutes, it was that good. I will eventually read the other volumes,

Saga hits all the points, humor, action, and emotion. There's some cool aliens, there's magic and some really bizarre and creative locations. It's about two different aliens in a couple with a daughter, they're on the run because their two species are at war and are not happy with their love child, its a chase flick a sci-fi flick and I was extremely hooked after the first volume. I think it would again be a refreshing pallet cleanser and open the floodgate for other comic book movies that don't feature superheroes.

Is there any comic that you feel should be added to this list? Would you be excited for any of these if they were adapted? Let me know in comments.


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