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I don't know about you all guys and girls but I'm getting really sick and tired of these godawful Y.A books that get adapted into movies. It really bothers me because there are some truly great books out there I feel could be adapted into really great movies that would be different from these stupid Y.A trilogy movies that are cheap to make and honestly all cookie-cutter.


Kaiju movies are starting to come back in the U.S and I have a feeling Jeremy Robinson's trilogy would take a massive bite out of a summer blockbuster. To me it was like reading a well written well paced and intense summer blockbuster just waiting to be put on screen. You have a great monster with great motivation and a franchise to build on since the second book, like Terminator 2 Judgement Day, ups the stakes greatly and is a perfect sequel to a perfect book. I haven't read the 3rd book because I've got a lot on my plate right now unfortunately, so I'm not sure if there will be a 4th book. However I would highly recommend the first two books they're fun, they're aren't ridiculously long and filled with plenty of humorous moments that got me laughing, which surprised me because I pictured the book going in to be extremely serious and it was a pleasant surprise to throw in some humor into these ridiculous and intense situations. It has spectacle and action and there's a rising tension throughout.


A robot from the book
A robot from the book

I have very fond memories of Robota my father used to read it to me when I was little, I really liked the world of Robota. Its about machines and a interesting and visually engrossing universe. Its a large picture book written by Orson Scott Card and has a strange but great plot. I believe in the early 2000's there was talk of a movie, I distinctly remember my dad showing me a trailer about it but something happened, not sure what. I think it would be an interesting tale and it would be more interesting than another Terminator film. It would be cool to see robot hunters in a futuristic avatar esque jungle environment.


A bloody fantasy story about people called Vir Requis who can turn into dragons being hunted by a maniac despot, did I mention griffons, demons, and golems? I haven't seen a good movie featuring dragons in a while and I really want to see one and I think the requiem saga could do it. I'll admit the final book is a bit weak for my taste, but feel like a movie adaptation would be interesting its a darker fantasy book and there's an expanded universe as the author has done (in my opinion) one too many other series as prequels and sequel trilogies but the core is deserving of a film adaptation if put under the right director. My dream director would be Peter Jackson, the medieval setting is right up his alley, or I'd go with Guillermo Del Torro but someone could make this book into a great movie franchise.


This is like a modern day grounded in reality version of Terminator. Its suspenseful and the author makes excellent use of pacing and racking up tension. The book is lean and perfect as far as pacing goes and there's some epic battles that I think would be good to see on the big picture. However I only want to see the first one on screen not the second one, also there's a third one coming so the jury is out on everything past ROBOPOCALYPSE.

Are there any books I missed? Let me known in the comments.


Which of these books would you like to see as a movie?


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