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Bloody Mary was a beautiful bright girl

But had a very bad tragedy to where she couldn't even look at her own reflection when she tried she would scream.

Now here's a game called Bloody Mary and u will regret playing it

If u say her name three or more times in the bathroom with all lights off and just a lit candle she WILL GET YOU.

It all started at a girls sleep over where a group of girls wanted to play bloody Mary but really haven't heard the story about it

But they to play it anyway they didn't know what was coming their way.

Aste group of girls gathered a t found the mirror and said her name Bloody Mary about seven times one girl started screaming as she was trying yo get away from the mirror as she screamed the other girls parents heard her and came up stairs and turned on the lights as they turned them on hey saw the little girl sitting in a corner facing the wall rocking herself.

As they turned her around she had scratches on her face she was in very shock.

So now that you have read this you are now cursed if u don't share her story to 15 or mote people she will come and hurt or kill either u or one of the closest person to you so you better hurry she will be here at 12:00.

Good luck.


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