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Hey babes! You guys should know by now that I'm a big Anime / manga fan so I must keep you updated on anime right? right! So I found out today... Yeah I'm kinda behind in this blame school, video games and my f**ked up life but anyway CrunchyRoll(Anime/Manga site) will be streaming a Live-action Death Note TV series! like how exciting is that the first episode aired Yesterday at 7:30pm Pacific Time so you guys aren't to behind hehe.

The series will be available to Crunchyroll members in the following territories: USA (and Canada, Central and South America (including the Carribean), UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Europe (except for Italian speaking territories), the Middle East, and North Africa.

Via: CrunchyRoll

The plot is the same as the anime and live-actions films before it, so you don't have to try to wrap your head around a new one just sit back, get scared and love Death Note all over again, now let me show you guy the cast.

Left to right: Kento Yamazaki as L, Masataka Kubota as Light Yagami, Mio Yuuki as Near
Left to right: Kento Yamazaki as L, Masataka Kubota as Light Yagami, Mio Yuuki as Near

I'm not really sure why Near is on the cover being that he is not as important as Ryuk or Misa but yeah everyone does things differently I guess.. As I like to say Don't judge a movie/series by it's cover.

As of right now I have not watched the first episode yet but, after I write this I'm gonna check it out and below I will add my thoughts well that's it for now, hope you guys give the show a chance.

Death Note(Drama) Episode 1. -Review

It begun kinda slow but about twenty minutes I was hooked, really loved how they had him hesitate and try to erase/scratch out the guy's name from the Death Note it was nice to see a little something different so early in the first episode, also it kept me watching through out, the actors aren't bad, and their Ryuk looks pretty good, so far I enjoyed the first episode I think you guys will too.


Are you gonna check it out?


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