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Hitting shelves in August, Oliver, Stoned is a zany Dude, Where's My Car-style comedy about a stoner, Oliver, who loses a high profile car, forcing him to steal an ice cream truck and enlist his wacky friends to help track down the thief before it's too late.

The movie is as clever and funny as it's title - but it's that title that helped us break the ice in this exclusive chat with co-writer and director Tom Morris.

Love that title! I assume you’ve been pretty careful about making sure that apostrophe goes in the middle of every mention of it? It was intended to raise a smile, I assume?

I am glad you love the title! My writing and producing partner Jaz came up with name Oliver Stoned and then our Producer Elliot wrote it out Oliver, Stoned. with the punctuation and what not. I tend to like the way titles look graphically once I lay them out, so I got used to seeing it a certain way. Now, I always make sure I write it Oliver, Stoned. and I hope the title makes people smile, or at least curious enough to check out the film!

Do you know if the famous filmmaker knows of the movie? I’m sure he’d get a kick out of it, regardless.

At this moment I am not sure if Oliver Stone knows about our film. The lab that did the final QC on the master is rumored to be in the same building as his office. I was temped to try and slide a screener under the door, but I didn’t have a DVD on me at the time.

There’s been some really great drug-fuelled comedies over the years, like Dude, Where’s My Car? And Up in Smoke, but how much of those were an influence on Oliver, Stoned?

The crazy thing about Oliver, Stoned. is that I was inspired my the mumble core style of filmmaking when I set out to make the movie. The initial plan was to make a ultra-low budget film with people hanging around talking and take advantage of the locations and actors/friends we had. When the script started to come together I was looking at films like Tiny Furniture, Mutual Appreciation, etc. and our film ended up nothing like that. I had scene Dude, Where’s My Car? multiple times growing up so I am sure in was in my mind subconsciously.

And when and how did the idea come to you?

After making General Education I moved from Los Angeles to Oxnard, California. In between film/commercial projects I would go to the local skatepark and met a lot of neat characters and made some great friends. The film was really inspired by this world Jaz and I got immersed in. The story of the car being stolen came from a friend who recently had a stereo stolen out of his car, we thought what if Oliver is given a car to take car of and it get stolen? Could he go on adventure all over town meeting these wacky characters we know.

Just as a werewolf movie has to include silver bullets, a full moon and a howl, this type of movie also would have its prerequisites. What are they?

I think it goes with out saying in any stoner comedy you're going to have a lot of weed fueled sequences, paranoid freak-outs, and some sort of munchies scene. It also seems that stoner comedies have a lot of references to particular weed names and characters referring to the same strains as different things.

Where was the movie shot? There’s some beautiful imagery in there…

Oliver, Stoned. was shot in Oxnard and Ventura, California. The house location was the house Jaz and I lived in while we were writing and planning the movie and the entire crew slept there during production.

Is this the end of Oliver’s story, or do you think we might one day catch up with him again?

There is a chance we catch up with Oliver and Megan again, but I am personally interested in seeing where Thomas and Chaco Taco go next. Maybe we will find out in a Digital Series or second feature?

Onto ‘the munchies’. What would be the perfect food to eat while watching Oliver, Stoned?

Oliver is all about the snacks. Some great munchies to go a long with the movie would be; Beef Jerky, Chaco Tacos, Donuts, Boneless Chicken Nuggets, footlong roast beef sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches, and strawberry popsicles.

What are you up to next?

I am currently directing a few commercial, music video and short form projects, and have a couple different features I am working on. Not entirely sure what feature will be next, but it will definitely be a comedy!

Oliver, Stoned hits DVD and Digital in August. Release to be announced shortly.


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