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There aren't too many more eagerly anticipated movies heading our way in 2016 than DC and Warner Bros' Suicide Squad. Between its all-star cast, the presence of the Joker amidst its plot, and a whole lot of uncertainty as to just what the heck it'll be like, it's even arguably matching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when it comes to sheer fan enthusiasm.

Which is why, of course, it's not all that surprising that the internet is growing ever more crowded with fan made awesomeness related to the film. The latest to hit our monitors? A pitch-perfect comparison of the Squad's movie incarnations and their original comic book appearances.

That's right:

Meet the...

Or, rather, from the good folks over at, meet our best chance yet to directly compare the original versions of the imminently arriving villains, and their cinematic selves:

Which you can check out in more detail just below:

Along with the all new cast:

The big question, though?

Just How Will Our New Squad Compare to the Originals?

Well, crucially, a whole lot of the antiheroes and villains from the movie have changed a bunch over the years - meaning any fans of Deadshot's original 50's look are likely to be disappointed.

Similarly, fans of Rick Flag and the Enchantress are likely to see largely different takes on the characters from those that they know and loved back in the day. With all of the characters - and especially the likes of Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and Captain Boomerang - though, a whole lot of those changes are likely to take the form of something closer to a combination of the iconic originals, their recent New 52 reboots, and the new DCCU's grim and gritty style.

Or, in other words? The more things change, the more they stay the same...

What do you reckon, though?



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