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Alpha, Rita's escaped! Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude.

And so, 5 teenagers with attitude, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Jason were recruited to save the world as an Evil space witch Rita Repulsa had escaped from her prison on the moon. Dressed in multicolored spandex, armed with mighty weapons and equipped with monolithic robots in the form of dinosaurs, when combined, they would form a mega zord, would rush to aid the world when ever the world was in need, putting their lie in danger day in and day out.

This was the epitome of everything that was good when i was a child. It didn't matter that I'd have to wait till odd hours. It was all worth it as long as I had a chance to watch my favorite super heroes in action. So obviously when I found out that there is going to be a live action feature length big budget movie on the way, I had to do something as crazy.

As a kid I wasn't really aware of much of the flaws of the show, and it was only recently, when I started watching it again (And with the help of le all mighty internet of course) i was able to realize all of the cheat shots and filters and the repetitive filler episodes. This time around though, I was able to watch every single episode, from the 1st episode till the very last.

So just as a tribute, as a refresher, here is a list of all of the seasons of Power Rangers up till now, including the two movies.

1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The One Where It All Began.
The One Where It All Began.

So it all started off with the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers". Zordon, an inter-dimensional being from the planet of Altar along with his assistant Alpha 5 recruited 5 teenagers with attitude as an Evil Space Witch Rita Ripulsa escaped from her prison in space.

This continued for 3 seasons. Lord Zed, Master Vile, Goldar, Rito and Rita of course were the main antagonists of these seasons. Zac (Black), Kimberly (Pink), Billy (Blue), Trini (Yellow) and Jason (Red) were the originals. Tommy Oliver was then introduced in to the series as the Evil Green Ranger, who was at that time under Rita's Spell. They eventually broke the spell through team work and the power of will and the good in them, and Tommy, was now, a part of this legendary legacy.

The Rangers however changed over the course of time. The first ones to change were, Zack, Trini and Jason, who were then replaced by Adam, Ayesha and Rocky as the black, yellow and red rangers respectively. Kimberly was the next to go and was replaced by Cathrine, who like Tommy, was also under Rita's spell initially and the last to leave from this group was Ayesha as she was replaced by Trini.

2. Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers.

Mid Season 3. The Alien Rangers from Aquitar.
Mid Season 3. The Alien Rangers from Aquitar.

Before Trini became a part of this an put on the Yellow spandex, Master Vile (Rita's Father) used the orb of doom and had reversed time. Everyone in the world had become children again except for Billy and well, the world was pretty helpless. Zordon called for the help of the Alien Rangers from Aquitar. A race of humanoid, partially aquatic aliens, ready to fight for the survival of the human race even though the conditions were not nearly as hospitable.

Aurico (Red), Cestro (Blue), Tideus (Yellow), Corcus (Black) and Delphine (White) had come to defend us. This basically made Master Vile VERY angry and he left leaving Rita and Zedd behind.

The mini-rangers (pun intended) were then sent on a quest to find a strange new power which led us to...

3. Power Rangers ZEO

Stronger then beforeeee GOOOOOO ZEOOOOOOO.
Stronger then beforeeee GOOOOOO ZEOOOOOOO.

The Rangers succeed in finding the Zeo Crystals and as soon as they return BOOM! Goldar and Rito destroy the Power Chamber and Alpha 5 manages to teleport the rangers out just in time.

Frantic they towards the chamber as Rita and Zedd's celebrations are cut short by the arrival of King Mondo. Zedd and Rita are then forced to vacate their premises basically traveling around like hermits while the Rangers stumble upon the Zeo Crystals that they had manage to loose.

Lo and behold the Power Chamber is regenerated and the a new power has been unlocked. Billy takes the role of helping the rangers and Power Rangers ZEO are born. Jason comes back to access the powers of the Gold Ranger.

And then...

4. Power Rangers Turbo

Shift in to TURBO!
Shift in to TURBO!

This initially started off with a stand alone direct to video movie and the series continued from then on.

A space pirate named Divatox had captured an Alien being named Larigo so that she could enter the island of Miranthius and marry and evil being named Malagore and then take over the universe. With the threat now even bigger and the stakes higher, The Rangers are introduced with the power of Turbo. New look, new weapons new zords and a very special new entry as Rocky is injured and replaced by a 12 year old Justin who dons the costume of the Blue Turbo Ranger. They eventually succeeds in stopping Divatox's plan.

The originals, Tommy, Kat, Adam, Rocky and Tania graduate school so successors are found in turn. A new dawn approaches as T.J, Ashley, Carlos and Cassie join Justing and take on the task to defend this world.

Divatox eventually manages to reach the Power Chamber and destroys it while kidnapping Zordon. The rangers escape just in time to become...

5. Power Rangers In Space

Flying higher then ever before, Go Power Rangers.
Flying higher then ever before, Go Power Rangers.

As the Rangers arrive to a destination in space. they are met by an evil being named Astronima, fleeing from their planet and from Astronima's minions they stumble upon a spaceship where they meet Andros the the red space ranger. He is quite reluctant to trust our rangers at first but when Astronima decides to attack them, well, he has no other choice but to trust them and gives them the Astro Morphers.

Ans so the Space Rangers come in to being fighting the evil forces of Astronima, who is led in turn by a rejuvenated Maligor. They are later joined by Zane the Silver space ranger in their quest to defeat Astronima and find Zordon.

In the finale, all of the villains of the past Rita and Zed, Mondo and Machina, Divatox, all of them combine to take over the universe. Rangers from the present and past fight to regain the universe as the forces of evil are stronger and more powerful then before.

In the end Andros, using the Battelizer Armor finds a way to destroy the evil forces all together and brings Astronima who is actually his sister Karone back to the good side which in turn requires Andros to sacrifice Zordon.

All the while in a Galaxy far far away...

To Be Continued...

Y'all can be completely honest. If you liked this i'll make my way up to Dino Charge but if not then i shall stop right here. Hope everyone new to this fandom liked this post. :3


Which Of The Above 5 Was Your Favorite Season?


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