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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

(Fan art by Kuitsuku)

There's nothing better than journeying across the web and finding awesome and inspiring fan art, there's literally so much fandom love to discover from the multitude of incredible artists online. Almost makes me want to pick up a pencil and create homages to Firefly!

But the drawing together of multiple fandoms into pieces of contemporary badassery is a whole different ballgame. The end results can be brilliant, obscure or just downright hilarious at times. So that's what I bring to you today, some of the best and craziest crossover fan art from the worlds of Disney and anime.

Check them out:

1. Big JoJo 6 by Mochi

2. Beauty and the Beast x Attack on Titan by Tottsuan

3. Nanoha Frozen by DejiNyucu

4. Winnie The Buu by sakkan

5. Solo Hunter by Billy Allison

6. Sailor Moon Disney Princesses by manony

7. Attack on Disneyland by RCBrock

8. My Neighbor Baymax by Jin Kim

9. Gundam White by Misogram

10. Toy Story x Gurren Lagann by Lou and Powder

11. Froze Metal Alchemist by comickergirl

12. Vegeta v Ultron by ssjgogeto

13. Kill La Frozen by Jeff-Mahadi


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