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Who hasn't wanted to punch a giant space monster in the face with an equally giant robot, deep in the stormy waters of the Pacific, side by side with your bff? Literally no-one. And finally, in 2012, our dreams became reality in Pacific Rim. It was pure nerdy fun, a ridiculous action sci fi movie with a big heart, blending spectacle with touching human stories. If you didn't walk out of the cinemas wanting more, then you probably don't know how to have a good time. Not that the film was perfect, or the pinnacle of cinema. But it was very very enjoyable. And more is exactly what we're gonna get! So buckle up, because here's exactly why you should be excited about Pacific Rim 2 hitting our screens in 2017.

"Fresh Territory"

Guillermo Del Toro won't be retracing his steps: he has promised that the sequel will tell a new story while dealing with the consequences of the first film. One of the ways Pacific Rim stood out from the sci fi movie crowd was the perspective it gave us on a world under attack. Instead of just showing people running and screaming while the heroes save the day, the international societal climate was a major factor in how the story played out.

In the first 5 minutes, the film showed us humanity's defiance in the face of devastation, how the monsters they faced were terrifying but also merchandised, and building a hero-worship culture around the Jaeger pilots who were viewed as "rock stars". Don't believe me? Just watch!

Pacific Rim 2 is poised to further explore a world that stared apocalypse in the face, and consider the consequences of this.

"It's a few years after the first one. It's not an immediate follow-up. It is the world having been freed of Kaiju, what happens to the world after - what happens to the Jaeger technology once the Kaiju are not a threat. It's quite a jump."

How could giant robots be useful in every day life? Or perhaps Del Toro is referring to the technology that allowed pilots to psychically link with one another, sharing emotions and history so that they could co-ordinate their attacks. Cheesy? Yes. Really enjoyable to watch? You betcha! But aside from the power of friendship, this technology could definitely be used for darker purposes. We're excited to see how this turns out.

Monster Movie

If you really love the monster angle fear not: Del Toro assures us that the next film will bring us bigger and nastier Kaiju than ever, in a plot that will span both our world and that of the Kaiju. In fact, the way they entered our world in the first place, the intergalactic rift, is going to be a focal point for the next film.

"There was this portal that ripped a hole into the fabric of our universe, what were the tools they were using? And we came up with a really, really interesting idea."

The "mythology" of the Kaiju world, and why they chose to invade ours in the first place, will be the jumping off point for Pacific Rim 2. And with new robots ready to punch the monsters back to oblivion, we're going to be in for a roller coaster of a film!

New Jaegers will join the team!
New Jaegers will join the team!

New Blood

With Charlie Hunnam (Raleigh) leaving the project, Pacific Rim 2 will get a new lead character. Our fave science bros (sshh, Marvel) Newt and Gottlieb will return though, as will kickass heroine Mako Mori. Del Toro has not been shy in admitting that Mako is his favourite character, so maybe she'll lead the fight in the sequel? After many of the side characters died in the first film, we'll be getting plenty of new faces in Pacific Rim 2...

"Iā€™m hoping to bring the same idea I had in the first movie, that was to make it multicultural and humanistic as much as possible, to make characters from many nationalities or gender, to make them equal in the scope of the adventure, in the day-to-day of the adventure."

This is all very exciting. Hopefully we may even get more badass ladies for Mako to team up with (I love Pacific Rim but it was pretty heavily populated by guys). There are also rumours that Newt may take a more villainous role in the second film. Could his fascination with the Kaiju get the better of him?

Pacific Rim 2 is going to be a hell of a ride. Of course, it can't possibly beat the plot Idris Elba came up with...

Beautiful fanart by brainbubblegum on Tumblr
Beautiful fanart by brainbubblegum on Tumblr

But although we won't be getting Pacific Rim 2: Duck Punt, with more about the Kaiju, new characters, and bigger robots, the sequel is promising to be just as fun as the original!


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