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From a young age I was hooked on Disney movies, especially any that involved Princesses. Nothing beats an original old school Disney animation film, but as time moves on the demand for live-action films has gotten stronger. I had low expectations for Enchanted when it was released, but I actually ended up being nicely surprised. Soon after, Maleficent got her own feature film too. Now, the momentum is picking up for further live-actions to be released. Disney has a whole heap of live-actions in the making and so far they have announced as The Jungle Book, Dumbo, Mulan and Winnie the Pooh. Castings have been finalized for Beauty and the Beast, and Emma Watson (Harry Potter) will be taking the lead as Belle.

Disney has not released many other details on who will be cast in their other films, or what the future live-action films may be, so I have decided to do a fan casting of who might fit which Disney Princess role. Which ones do you agree with?

Live-action Disney Princesses who really should get their own films in the future:

Chloë Grace Moretz as Sleeping Beauty

This ethereal beauty known for Kick-Ass and Hugo would make a magnificent Sleeping Beauty. Chloë did the voice over of the Princess in The Tale of The Princess Kaguya, she has a beautiful voice. Her previous experience will surely help her if she were to be picked for Sleeping Beauty,

I wonder who her real life Prince Charming could be...

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman as Tiana

Disney should really give this beautiful rising star a chance to take on the role of a Disney Princess. She has already starred in Disney's Zapped, so her next step is naturally to be a Princess.

Amanda Seyfried as Rapunzel

How has Amanda Seyfried not been cast as Rapunzel yet? She sure has the looks, the hair and a sweet singing voice which any Princess would be jealous of. It was when she sang 'In my life' in the film Les Misérables that I realized how no other actress could be more perfect for this role.

Don't believe me? Well, have a listen:

Freida Pinto as Jasmine

I love Freida, she was fantastic in Slumdog Millionaire and I was happy to hear that she has already been cast in the live-action Jungle Book: Origins. Just like most other live-action films announced, Freida's character is yet to be announced. Disney should continue using her and should really cast her as the beautiful Princess Jasmine.

Tanaya Beatty as Pocahontas

This actress looks like she was separated at birth from her cartoon twin, she has the same luscious locks as Pocahontas, stunning looks and acting skills in line for this role. You may recognize this stunning actress as Rachel in The Twilight Saga, it would be fantastic to see her in such an entirely different role!

Lily Cole as Merida

Did the creators of Merida take inspiration from Lily Cole? Whatever the case, these two look like the same person. I would love to see Lily cast as Merida in a live-action Brave. It would be pretty pointless for Disney to cast anyone else in the role and change someone's hair when they have an actress already who looks like a real-life Merida.

Lily really proved that her talent reaches much further than just modeling when she took on the role of Valentina in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. It seems her focus really is on acting right now as she has four films currently in production!

Disney Has Already Confirmed Live-Action Versions of the Following Films, But Who Should Play the Leading Ladies?

Disney is taking its sweet time with announcing the leads in the films. So, I thought I would conjure up my own list of who I think should be cast:

Jessika Van as Mulan

You can’t deny Jessika Van would make a fantastic Mulan. She sure has the looks already down to a tee. This actress has taken on a variety of acting roles from The Gambler to lending her voice to Toy Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex. I am sure she would love the challenge of taking on the role of Mulan.

Lucy Hale as Snow White

If Disney were going to go by the iconic Snow White design then Lucy would be perfect, she has porcelain skill and beautifully big princess looking eyes. With dark hair and the right makeup, this Pretty Little Liars actress would instantly look like Snow White.

Karen Gillan as The Little Mermaid

Anyone who wishes to be Princess of Atlantica has stiff competition with the stunning and talented Guardians of the Galaxy actress. Karen already has the hair, the physique and an incredible acting career in place.

For those of you who are just as impatient as I am in waiting for Disney to announce more news, I just wanted to remind you that this is my little list based on my opinion. If you do not agree with who I have chosen, then I would love to hear who you would prefer to be cast below.


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