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My favorite part of the entire series was the epilogue, in which we see Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny as middle-aged adults with families of their own. Not only did the special effects department do an excellent job aging them, the performances of the characters caused me to silently bawl in theaters.

Nothing pulls on my heartstrings more than children, especially sweet, young children growing up. This also meant the end of the series for me, and just reliving watching that scene right now is getting me all kinds of emotional and nostalgic.

If you're emotionally stable enough, remind yourself of the magic coming full circle below:

Do you ever wonder what these child stars are up to now? It may have only been four years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released, but the children sure have grown quite a bit since.

1. William Dunn (James Potter II)

William Dunn also appeared in a short film called My Song in 2011, but has since been rather quiet.

According to what might be his Twitter, Dunn is currently finished with college and also really heavily into music.

2. Arthur Bowen (Albus Potter)

Since appearing in the Harry Potter films, Bowen has not acted in anything else.

He has a very active Twitter page, however, and seems to take a huge interest in soccer (or should I say, football, as they call it in England).

3. Daphne de Beistegui (Lily Potter II)

2011 - 2014
2011 - 2014

Daphne de Beistegui also hasn't appeared in any more productions post Harry Potter, and she also has a Twitter page that hasn't been updated since 2013.

Apparently while on set, Daphne had taken such a liking to Daniel Radcliffe, and looked to him as a father figure, that she was seen consistently by his side, hugging him. Isn't that just beyond cute?

4. Helena Barlow (Rose Weasley)

Following the final Harry Potter film, Barlow appeared in a few more productions including Horrid Henry: The Movie, Great Expectations, and Harriet and the Matches.

Barlow has a Twitter account that hasn't been update since 2013.

5. Ryan Turner (Hugo Weasley)

After his role as young Hugo, Turner appeared in a few films: Puzzled, My Imaginary Life, The Hooligan Factory, and The Carrion Crow.

Ryan Turner's sister is also an actress, and they've appeared in a few commercials together in England. Unlike his co-stars, Turner is very active on Twitter, and seems to be a very huge fan of Star Wars.

6. Luke Newberry (Teddy Lupin)

Sadly, Luke Newberry's scenes as Teddy Lupin were cut out of the film. However, Newberry is an incredibly active actor, appearing in such productions as Sherlock, Anna Karenina, The Legend of Hercules, Cucumber, Banana, and Slapper and Me.

Apparently Newberry was incredibly devastated to find that his scenes were cut from the film. However, he has the largest body of work compared to his young cast mates.

7. Bertie Gilbert (Scorpius Malfoy)

Following his role as Draco Malfoy's son Scorpius, Gilbert appeared in many short films, including Stray Dog, Grey Area, and Kintsugi.

He has a large fan following on Vimeo, Twitter, and YouTube. He is currently working on his first feature film.

I have to admit I just re-watched the epilogue for the fifth time after writing this article, and I cried. It's just so bittersweet!

I only wish I could one day send my kids off to a wizarding school somewhere in America. Even if I wasn't able to attend one myself as a child.


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