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Even if you know nothing about art, the work of all-American painter Norman Rockwell is instantly recognisable and almost as iconic as the movie heroes who have been reimagined in his style.

Most famous for his depictions of everyday life for the Evening Post, Rockwell's patriotic style would make Captain America proud and his poses and subject matter can easily be transferred to our favorite comic-book heroes.

Below are some tributes to the 20th century illustrator by some of Deviantart's most talented artists, but which one do you think captures Rockwell's essence the best?

Tattoo Transformation

Image by: m7781

Transformers might not have skin, but that doesn't mean they don't dig a bit of badass body art.

Two American Heroes

Image by: m7781

Captain America looks right at home in Rockwell's sentimental vintage style.

Equipped for Action

Image by: m7781

Whether you are spraying the T-virus with bullets or working it for the war effort, it always pays to be fully equipped.

Through the Portal

Image by: m7781

Rosie the Riveter is an indisputable American icon, but I bet Portal's Chell could challenge her technical ability.

Hot Rod Demi-God


Who knew being barefoot could make Wonder Woman look so much more approachable.

My Donut Senses Are Tingling!

Image by: Lukeradl

Cor! Spider-man's let himself go a bit...

(Source: Imgur)


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