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You have to love improvised scenes from movies. For some reason, you can almost always just tell that it was unscripted and off the cuff when a perfectly timed line comes out cleanly. In the case of these 7 scenes from big-time movies, you have to hand it to the actors for making the moment special. And for bringing the character they're portraying to life.

I think for humor, especially, improvisational skills are becoming more and more of a necessity for actors of all types. Which leads me to one of my favorite scenes from the entire Fast and Furious franchise.

1. The Rock clowning on Tyrese in 'Furious 6'

There was something so raw and organic about this scene. Firstly, the way that The Rock delivered the line, the actual truthful sadness of Tyrese, and then Ludacris spitting out his beer... that trio of reactions makes this one of my favorite improv scenes from any movie, ever. Pure gold.

2. Draco completely sons Goyle in this improv scene

You can tell that this was improv by the fact that Crabbe is in the background looking like he's ready for a re-take. Draco does the Obama "not bad" face and the rest is history. It seemed like he was genuinely impressed that Goyle knew how to read. Too good.

Here's the face for reference.

3. This wild-ass scene from Pirates of the Caribbean was unscripted

It seems unfair that someone as cool as Johnny Depp lives on this planet. The "WTF" looks he got during this scene were 100% real, because this whole thing was unscripted. How could you leave it out though? Improv at its finest.

4. What if I were to tell you the post-credits scene from 'The Incredible Hulk' (2008) that teased out The Avengers didn't have a script?

General Ross and Tony Stark's conversation here came without a script. Hence, the suit talk and the "touché" line kind of make sense here. I don't think William Hurt, who played Ross, was actually drunk in the scene but if he was that also makes a lot of sense. Great acting by the both of them!

5. Seth Rogen's 'Superbad' semen rant was mostly made up on the spot

It would be surprising to think that Seth Rogen had this much to say about semen... only if you didn't know anything about Seth Rogen. Sort of like the "Wanna know how I know you're gay" back-and-forth rant he went on with Paul Rudd in 40 Year-old Virgin, this thing kind of just took off and took on a life of its own. The result is perfect.

6. Harrison Ford was sick on the set of Indiana Jones so this happened...

Having come down with food poisoning, Harrison Ford asked for a more simple scene. Then an iconic Hollywood moment happened. Rather than going forward with an insane fight scene, the sick Ford just utilizes his gun. Something a lot of actors (for reasons unknown to me) don't do. Classic.


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