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With new set pictures and tantalising plot hints for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) we couldn't be more excited! All the information we're given just prompts more questions, and wild speculation is swirling around the new trio, Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron, as well as the host of foes they will no doubt encounter. But the clues leaked from the set of Star Wars Episode 7 actually tell us a lot more than we might think, and when it comes to Rey, we may already have our answers!

Star Wars 7: The story so far

There a precious few confirmed details, but thanks to pictures and good old fashioned sleuthing, there's a lot of info about Rey to be gleaned. So let's break it down.

  • She's a scavenger: living inside an old AT-AT, Rey collects parts from the wreckage of war machines. Is she scraping together a living or scavenging as a hobby?

  • She will team up with Finn: after the Stormtrooper presumably defects, Rey is shown offering him a helping hand before they are pursued by TIE fighters...
The beginning of a beautiful friendship
The beginning of a beautiful friendship
  • Not Tattoine, but Jakku: when the first Star Wars 7 trailer emerged, showing Rey blasting off across a desert planet, most of us assumed this was Tattoine. But it was later confirmed to be Jakku, known to be a starship graveyard.

  • She may fly the Falcon: set pictures have emerged showing Finn and Rey, now bffs, chilling in the Falcon with Han Solo.
Family portrait?
Family portrait?

Though this may just have been a good photo-op for Variety, it also implies that Rey will find herself in the iconic starship's cockpit, and Han Solo doesn't seem too happy about this...

"I've got a funny feeling, like I'm never gonna see her again..."

Han's not gonna hand over the keys to his baby to just anyone, so Rey better get the Falcon home in one piece.

The lost Solo-Organa daughter

This is less of what we know, and more of what we want to know. Many fans have speculated that Rey could be the daughter of Leia and Han, and there are certainly hints to point us in this direction. Rey does carry Han's favourite DL-44 blaster: is this a hand-me-down, or do Rey and Han have the same taste in weaponry?

But as delightful as it would be to have a father-daughter relationship in Star Wars, Rey's situation may imply something different.

This is the quote that many people took as a heavy hint that Rey is Han and Leia's daughter (or at least Han's) because solitary = solo. While it would be great for Daisy Ridley to drop hints in pun form, when we put this together with the evidence the conclusion could be a bit different from what you'd expect...

Alone on a desert planet
Alone on a desert planet

Without looking for double meanings, Ridley has clearly said that Rey's story begins with her alone. Why would the daughter of the founding members of the new galaxy order be scavenging to survive on a desert planet? Surely she would be better off flying around with her father in the Falcon, or learning politics and leadership skills from Leia.

But Rey is solitary, and struggling to survive. Could this mean she is in fact a lost member of the Solo clan? Star Wars has a running theme of family being found in the most unlikely places. Or perhaps she wasn't stolen or abandoned or lost in the traditional sense: in a fit of teen rebellion, Rey might have run away to pursue the glamorous life of... scavenging.

While Rey's story begins with her as a lone figure, she definitely becomes embroiled with the Solos and Skywalkers later on. A clear major player in the new film, even the early concept art revealed Rey carrying on the Jedi legacy...

Fighting the good fight
Fighting the good fight

It's true that this could be another female character but those are pretty few and far between in the Star Wars universe. All of the other actresses are cast in roles that just don't fit this picture: Captain Phasma isn't likely to wield a blue lightsaber, Lupita Nyong'o is playing the alien Maz Kanata. That leaves Leia who, unless this is a flashback, doesn't really fit the bill either.

And let's not forget Leia (presumably) passing the Jedi torch (uh, lightsaber) in the last trailer, as Luke's voiceover talks about Force powers.

My sister has it...
My sister has it...

This is definitely speculation, but that hand looks like it might belong to Rey...

Of course, Rey is a pretty obvious choice for the next generation of Solos and Skywalkers. It could just as easily be Poe, or even Kylo Ren (what if Ren is Rey's brother... more epic family showdowns!) Or we might not see any relatives to the original trio: after all, Star Wars has followed the Skywalker clan for a long time now. Is it time for fresh blood, or should Episode 7 continue this tradition?

Until we find out when the film is released, at least there's plenty of evidence to sift through: maybe we'll discover our answers before we rush to cinemas in December!

So what do you think? Is Rey Han and Leia's daughter? Let us know in the comments or write your own post!


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