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Mario Kart 8. What a game. Here at Moviepilot there is literally - and I am dead serious about this - not a single day we don't play it in the office. Nintendo have evolved this series beautifully over the years and we adore what they've achieved with Mario Kart 8. The level of rage and creative swearing its brought to the office is beautiful. But naturally, we want more!

Mario Kart 9 is probably a long way off, but it's amazing to see Nintendo tirelessly continue to work on Mario Kart 8. Recently they released 200cc as a free update, we've had two DLC packs, each one with 3 new characters and a new cup complete with 4 races. We love them all and we love all of Mario Kart's characters. But these are the crazy new additions we'd definitely buy as DLC for Mario Kart 8!

Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 - The Crazy New Characters We Need As DLC

To begin, let's just start with more logical choices before we descend into madness. Some of these guys have appeared in previous Mario Kart games and there are some out there who'd love to see them make a return in Mario Kart 8 or future instalments. Here are the more normal suggestions to begin with!

The Normal Mario Kart 8 Suggestions

As you would expect, this list includes characters like Dry Bones, Birdo, Bowser Jr., Dixie Kong and Kamek. I have no affiliation with these characters really and have no insatiable desire to see them return. Bowser Jr. is pretty cool, but I do wish that Nintendo had included Diddy Kong! I love that little guy. King Boo was another suggestion made in the office and if Nintendo actually had him floating above his kart, I could definitely get behind the idea!

Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8

NOW! Let's drop-kick normality to the face and see what kind of suggestions we can throw into the pile of characters that will NEVER be put in as DLC. But a man can dream, and so can the Berlin office of Moviepilot!

The Not-So-Normal Characters We Want As DLC in Mario Kart 8!

[Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985) is coming out this year, so it'd be wrong of me not to consider Solid Snake for the role. Just before getting hit by a spiky blue shell a big exclamation mark should come over his head. Of course he should also be forced to drive in a cardboard box. But that's still too normal. Let's dream bigger people!

Jigsaw From Saw


Now picture this guy surrounded by the colourful glee of Mario Kart 8, he's forced to drive on this bike and as he passes out other players the death stare he gives them is enough to rival that of Waluigi. And that is saying something! Seeing this guy on rainbow road would make Mario Kart 8 one of the greatest things mankind has created. But we need more Nintendo! We need crazier DLC.

Danny From The Shining


I literally cannot think of anything for this idea outside of forcing the poor child to drive his toy bike while dealing with the enemies around him and the criminal voices inside his own head. Yeah... Mario Kart 8 is going to strange new places when the Moviepilot team take charge!

A Crazy, Yet Amazing List!

These are all suggestion from one individual that I couldn't help but list! Doc Brown and Marty McFly inside the DeLorean - the game I've always dreamt of. We also had the ship from Flight of the Navigator(!!), Samus Aran, Pit from Kid Icarus, Brain Training's Dr. riding a DS Lite (I know!!), MegaMan and Ganondorf. Beautiful.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris, punching his way to first!
Chuck Norris, punching his way to first!

"What kart would he drive?" you may ask. But then something becomes so perfectly clear: he doesn't need one.

The Doof Warrior

The what? Ohh yeah - this guy! [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) was an insanely good film, and if there's one thing that Mario Kart 8 needs as DLC, its a guy playing metal out of a flaming guitar. Just think of the madness he could contribute to an already insane game!

The Doof Warrior, supplying Mario with metal
The Doof Warrior, supplying Mario with metal

Driver from Drive. Ryan Gosling. In a kart. Nuff said.

On top of this list we had some honourable mentions that should probably not be revealed...they're pretty awful. Unless you REALLY want to hear about them in the comments. We'll see... Let us know who you'd like to see in Mario Kart 8 as DLC in the comments below!


Which of these would you buy as DLC for Mario Kart 8?


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