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So as you can tell, I'm not a huge Twilight fan. Normally when I read books, I don't stop until I finish them even if they weren't that great because as a wannabe writer, it is a good thing to read bad literature. Not-so-good books teach you what doesn't work in writing and what to avoid if you want to be good. When Twilight came out, loads of my friends loved it and recommended it to me. It sounded like something I would enjoy so I gave it a try - and I was disappointed.


The Twilight Saga: awful.
The Twilight Saga: awful.

Twilight was OK. I tried to read New Moon and I have never been so bored in my life. Sorry if you are reading this and you are a Twilight fan but it's true! At face value this sounds like a good idea: a dangerous romance between a human and a vampire - but that's it. Nothing else really happens, apart from some weird s*** with Bella's baby bursting out of her stomach in Breaking Dawn and other vampires wanting to suck Bella's blood and hunt her for sport (to be honest, I'd have just let them take her because f*** me she's boring). Oh yeah, and Bella moaning about her life 24/7. Must be so tough having two attractive men after you and moping over someone who sparkles in the sunlight in your spare time. As for the films, they're even more miserable than the books. Look at Bella's facial expressions for example (or lack of them I should say).


If you are going to create characters, they need to be convincing, in depth, and have more than a couple of traits - like real people. Bella Swan is clumsy, stubborn... that's about it. It's as if Stephanie Meyer only focused on one tip when it comes to creating good characters in your stories: make them flawed. No real human is perfect. So let's give Bella three traits that don't make her perfect... This is your main character Stephanie. Maybe you had an idea in your head of who she was, but this wasn't conveyed enough in the books or the films. A lot of people thought Kristen Stewart was a bad actress because whatever she felt, she always looked miserable as sin and never smiled. Maybe this was because the character Bella was boring, she was miserable all the time and constantly moaning about her stalker vampire boyfriend - I could have seriously punched her in New Moon when she just falls apart in the woods and lies on the floor when Edward leaves (wow, you're a great role model too Bella *slow clap*) because there are worse problems than breaking up with your boyfriend. Yes they were in love, blah blah blah, but people were trying to kill her and she seemed more bothered about Glitter Boy. These movies must have been so frustrating for the cast because there isn't much you can do when acting the different parts out apart from being angry and looking pale and moody. Even Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) hates Twilight!


What fangirls don't understand.
What fangirls don't understand.

Another reason why I think the characters in Twilight are so bad is because the two main characters are extremely bad role models. No, they are not just flawed, and don't tell me that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes either. Their behaviour should not be excused. Maybe this sounds a little extreme to be so appalled by fictional people, but the books are aimed at young adults and teenagers and within this age category you are most vulnerable to peer pressure and dangerous, unhealthy relationships, because if you are new to relationships and dating you may not be fully aware of the warning signs or are in love with a complete and utter A-hole.

Bella is completely dependent on Edward, which is demonstrated in her reaction to him leaving her in New Moon. This is an unhealthy kind of dependence. Her reaction teaches women that it's OK to act this way. There should have been a part of her that taught women to be strong and to try and move on, especially when leaving someone who is controlling and abusive (I'll explain why Edward is also a moron soon) but instead she exhibits traits of someone with low self-esteem throughout the books/ films which is not a good lesson for young girls. I found an interesting quote when researching more into Edward's and Bella's unhealthy relationship on "Bella's low self-esteem puts him [Edward] in a position of power over her; he can treat her however he'd like, because she perceives that he's out of her league and is lucky to be the dirt on the bottom of his shoe" ... No girl should feel like this. No girl should be taught that it is OK to feel like this, or for it to be encouraged. You are worth more than that, and he's lucky to have you too.

As for Edward Cullen, he exhibits traits of an abusive partner, yet Bella sees these signs as love, which encourages people to think the same when they are in a similar relationship. If he sneaks into your home to watch you sleep without you knowing, this is not love, or OK. Duh.

I found an interesting short article which gave reasons as to why Edward and Bella are in an abusive relationship: - there are FIFTEEN signs of emotional/physical abuse in this relationship. To have your main characters in such a relationship and portray it as OK and as a healthy, loving relationship, is really disappointing. Shame on you Stephanie. Think before you write.

This is just my opinion of Twilight and what I think of the books/movies. What do you think? Do you love or loathe Twilight? I think it's safe to say I loathe it but hey - you can't please everybody, no matter how good your book or film is. Personally I think Twilight books should be stabbed with a basilisk fang.

What do you think? Do you have your own reasons for disliking Twilight? Maybe you loved it? Let me know in the comments below!

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