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After I saw the first season of True Detective I decided to design a map for it's well known places. I really liked the hidden symbolism of the movies, so I started to do a little research about it.

These articles from Grant Davis at The TV Dudes helped me a lot.

I really wanted to catch the mood of the series, and find something, maybe a hidden meaning, to get to the starting line.

In the story, the two detectives played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson find themselves tracking a murderous Satanic cult that is heavily influenced by voodoo.

For more on True Detective's use of voodoo, see this article.

Now that was something very useful, so I decided to make the illustration in this voodoo style combining with Joshua Walsh's excellent set design.

The next step was to find True Detective's locations. It was a hard job, because there are many existing versions. My map is based on these maps:

True Detective / by Nigel Evan Dennis


And here are the first sketches included the raw map:

Some of the labels are Hungarian:)
Some of the labels are Hungarian:)
The 1st icon was the church in the upper-left
The 1st icon was the church in the upper-left
The hardest part was to find the "High speed low drag" label which is the part of the Iron Crusaders coat. I spent about 3 hours with this task.

After one week research and two days sketching I finally I redrew everything in Adobe Flash, then exported it to Illustrator. My first thought was that the illustration should be black and white, but a few days after I decided to use grey and yellow.

And here are a few pairs (the illustration and the matching screenshot)

If you like it, you could buy it at even as a t-shirt.


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