ByMartin Reinheimer, writer at

Batsy really pissed because people close to him were killed accidently? I think Bruce is smart enough to see that Kal El were forced to make a move. Otherwise Zod would have destroyed the whole planet and at this time there were noone else who could have stopped him.

The Batman knows collateral damage very well even if it means to lose Alfred. I cant Imagne he´d blame Superman for that. And destruction of his property? Sound very mature and we already saw the Wayne Enterprise Satellite being hit in Man of Steel.

No, I think the real reason is that Kal El works for the government not seeing how he is used by them to heat up the still ongoing cold war. His intervenience in the Corto Maltese Conflict forces the CCCP to bring in bigger guns

He may withstand all everything the Sowjets start on him... but will we?


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