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Batman is known for his Batarangs, the Batcave, and being totally kick-ass. But another thing that he is known for is having a great suit. And there are a lot of them, you have your traditional suit, all black, and many more. And everyone has their favorite one, just like me. People are always wondering what suit he will wear next. So, I have what I think are the ten most bad-ass suits the Dark Knight has every worn, and what I think would make great suits for the next Batman movie.

10- The Dark Knight Return's Batsuit

This version of the Batsuit was worn in the 1986 The Dark Knight Returns story line. And was also featured in The Dark Knight Returns movie. It shows an older (but still strong as ever) Batman, with a bigger Bat symbol.

9- Damian Wayne's Batsuit

This Batsuit depicts Damian Wayne (son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al'Ghul) as the future Batman. He may have dropped the cape, but still looks as cool as ever.

8- Zur-En-Arrh

This Batsuit is what you would say...out of this world. Tlano is an alien from the planet Zur-En-Arrh and becomes that planet's version of the caped crusader. Not to mention that the suit looks really cool.

7- Red Son Batsuit

This is not the Batman that you grew up with (unless you live in Russia). It shows an alternate reality where instead of Superman landing in Smallville, he lands in Stalin's Soviet Union. The suit looks really cool, and definitely looks like it could bear those harsh Russian winters.

6- Green Lantern Batsuit

This Batsuit shows a combination of Batman and the Green Lantern. Who knows what could happen when you mix Green Lantern's ring with Batman's intelligence.

5- Jason Todd's Batsuit

When the Red Hood takes up the cape, you know something crazy is going to happen. Todd's version of the caped crusader has a little more fire power than the regular Batsuit.

4- Batman's Power Armor

Another bites the dust!
Another bites the dust!

The second suit that appeared in The Dark Knight Returns, this suit is nothing less that total domination. I mean, this suit was able to take down the Man Of Steel, you can't get much better than that.

3- Dark Claw Batsuit

You can't get much better than Batman mixed with Wolverine. This suit is the perfect combination. The characters name is Logan Wayne, and is part of the Amalgam Universe.

2- Batman Beyond Batsuit

This suit is worn by Terry McGinnnis in the Batman Beyond story line, where Terry is the future Batman. Terry is mentored by Damian Wayne. And the red Bat symbol looks really cool on the all black suit.

1- The Original Batsuit

Okay, so this may not be the very first suit, but it is the one everybody thinks of when they hear Batman. It's the suit that made Batman who he is today, and for that reason it deserves the #1 spot on this list.


What Batsuit is your favorite?


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