ByEl Jefe Sandoval, writer at
...oversy! The amount of times we beat this dead horse is beginning to rival "Who shot first, Greedo or Han?" (It was Han cus he is BA like that LOL). Get over it people! MOS was not the perfect Superman film but every hero flick to date has yet to hit that mark. It still set the franchise on a better path then its predecessor and the cast and director are fully capable of moving the ball forward hopefully up, up and away (see what I did there). I just watched the last Transformers mega crap the other day and no one seems to call back to how much destruction they unleashed in that one. I guess that's the difference though isn't it? MOS was actually a good flick and fans just have an issue with this one component of the film, where as when the movie is a huge turd like Transformers or let's say Godzilla, we can let all the collateral damage slide. I think if the Sup V Bat film uses the aftermath of the Zod fight as a catalyst to the Super Friend throwdown then it will all be worth it.

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