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Jurassic World is a masterclass in audience manipulation. Despite the movie garnering a split reception, the box office numbers have spoken, and Jurassic World undisputedly has a knack for drawing crowds while quite overtly being something they might hate! How did Jurassic World do it? Well it's a complex case of meeting expectations that I outlined in this article. Put simply, the movie knew that the audience wanted just enough difference in the premise of the story, while still demanding nostalgic callbacks to the original Jurassic Park.

Think about it this way. If you were a hardcore fan of the original movie, and were hating Jurassic World right up until the T-rex is released in the movie's finale, then nothing matters! The movie has done its job, because pleasing an aging fan base with basic nostalgic iconography is not much of a challenge! Jurassic World cottoned on to this being a winning formula, but it almost didn't turn out that way!

Human-dino hybrids

Kill it! Kill it!
Kill it! Kill it!

Remember a couple years back when this kind of concept art was circulating, suggesting that the fourth Jurassic Park movie could actually include monstrous mash-ups of dinosaurs and humans? Many dismissed it as a sign of the series jumping the shark, though I was slightly amused at these movies deciding regular dinosaurs weren't enough of an affront to God. Some of this concept art was truly terrifying, and could have made for some ambitious, if very silly, new ground for Jurassic World. Alas, when it came to Jurassic World, the filmmakers decided the safer bet would simply be to retread the first movie almost exactly, while leaving the theme of genetic splicing to linger in the background.

The problem with genetic splicing and Jurassic Park

This promo exhibits all the moral conundrums of Jurassic Park in about a 50th of the time it took Jurassic World to do so! We can see just how freely the designs of dinosaurs can be manipulated, and we come to see the other causes InGen applies itself to. When considering InGen boasting that they have a hand in crop cultivation, medical endeavors and military initiatives, something horrifying dawns on you. Does Jurassic World exist in a world without death, or hunger, that guarded by super soldiers? Those are all extremely interesting concepts that the movie distracts from by using dinosaurs. Admittedly, it works!

Should this be expanded in Jurassic World 2?

It's so gross!
It's so gross!

So Jurassic World has given us a world with the potential for human-dinosaur abominations, regenerative powers and super soldiers. Why didn't it indulge in all these things? Well while it's very easy to call modern mass audiences "dumb", they still have a very strict conception of what's worth their time. Since Jurassic World performed way better than expected, perhaps Universal has a little more space for experimentation the next time round.

Would you like to see Chris Pratt fighting ten foot tall raptor men? Would audiences really accept mutated bipedal Triceratops in the sequel for Jurassic World? All I know is that if they don't call this movie Jurassic Planet, they're clearly missing a trick! What were your thoughts on Jurassic World, and what would you like to see in a potential sequel? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot. Vote in our poll, or leave a comment below!


Should Jurassic World 2 include Human/Dino hybrids?


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