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We are Robin is a new take on the Boy Wonder. As we know, Robin is sidekick of Batman. There has always been a Robin throughout the Batman legacy. However, We are Robin is different. Instead of one sidekick, we have a small army of streetkids of Gotham.

We are Robin is focused on Duke Thomas. Thomas was the young kid that appeared with Batman in Zero Year and Endgame.

A young Duke Thomas after the destruction of Gotham in Zero Year.
Duke to Wayne in when Wayne was injured during Zero Year.
Duke with Batman and Gordon during Endgame.

However, during Endgame, Dukes parents were a victim of the Jokerised poison. After Gotham was back in control Duke could not find his parents. So as a young boy he has been made to live in foster home to foster home.

This leads Duke to a juvenile path. But in my mind, he is obviously hurting by the fact his parents are missing. You get the sense that Duke still clings desperately that his parents are still alive.

Now we start of with Duke being the character that he is. We start off with him fighting three guys,one of them warning Duke off his sister. We see Duke do backflips, karate kicks and moves fast when the fight starts...

Duke in action!
Duke still kicking ass!!

Make no mistake, these fight scenes are vicious. These fights that Duke is in are very violent indeed. We are Robin have obviously wanted to break from the norm. This is portraying a real dirty underground image of Gotham. We are use to the villians, the mobsters, corrupt police etc. But never really from a child's perspective. Duke is the start of this.

Duke and his personal mission..

When reading We are Robin. We do not fully understand how Duke can fight. But I'm sure that will be explained in time. And time is what We are Robin has. Because it's original. It's a new chapter in the DC universe. It's the start of a potential candidate for the Batfamily.....maybe Batman himself!

We are Robin is a fresh story. A story of Duke Thomas and his journey. I'm sure that other characters will be developed and explored. But We are Robin is a fantastic title!


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