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Fans are pining for the start of American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel, and the show hasn't even begun filming yet! Maybe this is all to do with the ease and effortlessness that Ryan Murphy presents in what is now his flagship show. Every season comes off with such grace and confidence, it's easy to assume that barely any time needs to be put into shooting for this show. Alas, we're still a long way off from anything resembling a trailer or a release date for Season 5, so as of yet, we are left still with only a title!

American Horror Story: Hotel

Hotel is an interesting turn for American Horror Story Season 5 to take, as it's the only setting the show has adopted so far that doesn't have a creepy quality to it. Covens and Asylums have their fair share of spookiness, but hotels? I've stayed in some crappy accommodation in my time, but still I'm not compelled to spread horror stories across the land. "Hotel" seems such an enigmatic subtitle, the possibilities for Season 5 really could go any way! It's worth wondering just what kind of hotel we're in for once the season begins in October!

Empty haunted hotel!

Please don't rip this off!
Please don't rip this off!

This kind of design would be similar to the hotel we see in The Shining. To have the hotel be empty would no doubt be preferable from a production standpoint. There would be fewer actors to manage, and the viewer would already be trained to find the setting unnerving. An empty hotel will always give off a sense of spookiness! My only gripe is that it this premise could turn out a little too similar to something like The Shining, and having a setting that isn't always busy sometimes gives a show an excuse to become stagnant and lazy.

A busy hotel with a dark secret!

Now this would be preferable if you ask me! A bustling busy hotel provides the possibility for new characters to slip in and out of the story at will, but also opens up the potential for dark secrets being held out in the open. Hotels have an element of scandal, what with goings on behind closed doors that are shared by everyone else. No event would ever have to leak out into the rest of the narrative. We could have a werewolf in room 10, a cult in room 23, and a demon from hell working in the kitchens!

Who will be the concierge?

Now there's a crossover I wanna see!
Now there's a crossover I wanna see!

For some reason, this was the first question I asked myself upon finding out about American Horror Story Season 5. Almost every season of this show focuses on some kind of institution, and it's strange and messed up denizens that introduce an element of chaos to it. So who will be the standby at the desk for the titular hotel?

I should suspect that many fans would be pleased to see Evan Peters in a role similar to that played by Jason Schwartzman in Grand Budapest Hotel. If I had to put money of it, I would peg newcomer, Lady Gaga, to be the concierge in Season 5. I've already outlined my thoughts on her casting here. She fits the image of hiding some morbid secret ready to be sprung upon unsuspecting guests. Maybe that kind of role would suit her, or maybe that's just me having trust issues!

How do you want American Horror Story Season 5 to turn out? Share your thoughts with a post here on MoviePilot, vote in our poll, or comment below! Let's get the fandom talking before October!


Which kind of Hotel would you prefer in American Horror Story Season 5?


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