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Terminator Salvation(2009) : the saving of somebody or something from harm, destruction, difficulty, or failure

Since when was Salvation such bad news?

The future, its something we all think about. In fact most of us build our lives preparing for it. It is our single greatest hope. For some, the future means everything. The present is only a transition, but what if you knew the future, or worse you knew there was nothing you could do to change it. What if the future was a world of nothing but despair?

Terminator Salvation is a post apocalyptic nightmare rendition of our own civilization.

The land ravaged by napalm and the sky polluted with ash, the outlook seems a little more than bleak for everyone, but that doesn?t stop one man. They call him a prophet, others know him as a leader, and in some respects the savior of our species.

Present day 2018, John Connor is perhaps humanities last hope in a war against the impending doom, a design of their own destruction. Machines, that seek to annihilate their creators, and conquer the earth for themselves, have nearly done so if it weren't for the efforts of a few struggling survivors know as the Resistance.

But what chance do they have against the cold calculated judgement of modern technology? Slim to none, yet still they fight, as best they can.

This is the type of run for your life, were all gonna die, super disaster that never lets up. Its like a feeling that your drowning for a solid 2 hours.

If you enjoy war scenarios, or just like to watch other people suffer this might be right up your alley. Its full of depression, gloom, and doom, not much else, oh yah except giant killer robots with chain guns, missiles, and laser beams.

Actually the robots are few and far between, terminators take a back seat to all the drama going on back at the human camp. The Terminators are rare and appearances are less impactful than ever. However there is that one scene with a massive two ton metal giant.

Anyone who has seen the Transformer movie has witnessed much more impressive metal. This thing is just a clanky mess of random parts and obscure structures.

The biggest, most unforgiveable flaw in this film is its lack of any identifiable villain. All previous Terminator films had an iconic go getter, someone chasing down our heroes from moment to moment without hesitation. This time however, its lacking, and the film is dull, draggy and less of an adrenaline pump.

Even though the opening credits gave me goosebumps,without the powerful presence of the man synonymous with Termniator, this film is just a flop, no matter how big the budget was, it got sizeably downgraded without Ahhnuld.

Sure it manages to throw in a very convincing CG replica of 1984 Arnold, but that?s only nostalgic for a brief moment. We understand none can replace him, but at least give us a

warrior worth cheering for.

Terminator started off as a film that was Sci Fi new age, terror, borderline horror. This time around all the scare is gone, and so is the mystery of what the future holds.

Theres small stuff that harkens back to the earlier films but definetly not anything groundbreaking. Still it's a nice subtlety they include for the fans.

All the characters in this movie, might as well be invisible, their performances are so average yet unrelateable. Bale is bland, others are boring. Without good characters theres hardly anything carrying this most basic of plots.

Seems like every good movie franchise has its bad apple, and this ones definetly not the best of the bunch.

The battle of man vs machine has got to end and if this film hasn't killed it yet, I don't know what will. Another big question is, will the sour tatse of this film spoil everyone appetite for Transformers 2 ? ( which is right around the bin.)

Like a war plane flying across the enemy battlefield, this movie Bombed !

! system failure ! abort operation.


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