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A 'Cinematic Universe' is a shared fictional universe that is centered around a series of films, the best current examples are Marvel's MCU and DC's DCCU. While these two Universes are equally awesome, wouldn't it be cool if more film, TV and video game franchises expanded their fictional universes in the same fashion that the MCU and DCCU have? Think about it. Imagine if some of the most notorious GTA characters had their own solo 'origins' games, or if your favorite cartoon became a cinematic universe. That'd be pretty cool right? Well, this is your chance to make it happen!


Tell us which franchise would be perfect for an expanded universe, along with 3 movies you'd like to see from that expanded universe.

Personally, I would love to see elements of The Matrix expanded in this fashion. As an example, my entry would probably look a little something like this:

The REAL MCU (Matrix Cinematic Universe)

I. God of Dreams: The Origins of Morpheus

Morpheus is a character we seem to know so much and yet so little about. He is the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar, an emotional and spiritual leader to the inhabitants of Zion and a wanted terrorist in the eyes of the 'Agents.' We know that Morpheus was told by the oracle that he would find 'the one,' and I for one would love to see a movie based on a young(er) Morpheus as his abilities within the Matrix grow and he steps up to that challenge.


The next film to expand the Matrix Cinematic Universe would be the origin story of Trinity, the second mate of the Nebuchadnezzar ship. Despite Trinity being a major character in the Matrix franchise, her entrance into the 'real world' is yet to be explored on film. Not only could this movie being a great blockbuster with a strong female lead, but it would also give us a better look at her own struggle to go from living in the Matrix to facing reality. The movie could begin back when she was a world-class hacker, and end with her first meeting with Neo.

III. Songs of Zion

The city of Zion plays an incredibly important role in the Matrix trilogy, and thus I think it's only right that it's history be expounded upon in the third origin story film in my saga. As we know, Zion is the last human civilization on earth after the nuclear war between the humans and machines. In Songs of Zion I would want to explore the years, weeks and months leading up to the cataclysmic war. The Matrix would then pick up where this film leaves off.

Now we want to hear YOUR ideas! Which fictional universe would you want to see expanded and what would your three stand-alone films be?

The three most creative entries will win a handpicked prize from our Moviepilot staff!

  • All entries must be received by Sunday July 18th, 12pm ET
  • The contest is open to: USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India or any of the EU countries (except France- see T&C's)*
  • Entry must be in the form of an article or video ON Moviepilot, not a link to another site or a comment
  • Entry must be a completely new post - no resubmissions of older posts please
  • Tag your post with Contest Entry, then share the link in the comments section of this post
  • Any questions about the contest, please contact: [email protected]
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